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Wednesday 31st August 2011Kindle Winner Announced for August!

Throughout August we have been running our Kindle giveaway competition, and just like in July, we asked people if they would post nice things about Gallereo on their blog, Facebook or Twitter.
Being a small company with a small marketing budget, we can use all the help that we can get to spread the word about what we do. 
We had yet another outstanding response to the giveaway, with lots of blogs, tweets and Facebook posts, so a big thank you to everyone who entered this month! We're extremely grateful for all of your efforts. 
We are now happy to announce that the winner of our August Kindle giveaway is:
Just like last month, we generated the winner by assigning all entrants with a number as the entries came in. We then asked the random number generator at to pick a number from our sequence, and Richard Wilson's name came out of the hat. 
Richard did a spectacular review of Gallereo on his website, The Rewind Podcast so thank you Richard, from everyone here at Gallereo.
We really hope that you enjoy your Kindle!
Emma McMillan

Posted on August 31st 2011 on 04:00pm

Saturday 27th August 2011Get Ready for ART MOSCOW 2011

With the arrival of September, comes the countdown to ART MOSCOW; the 15 International Art Fair focusing on contemporary art, and the biggest annual event in the Russian art scene. 
Founded in 1995, ART MOSCOW has grown to be the largest presentation of contemporary art in Eastern Europe, and is now a major event in the worldwide art calendar. 
To be held in the Central House of Artists in Moscow, the event will take place from 21st through to the 25th September.
As well as celebrating Russian contemporary art, the event also welcomes galleries and participants from around the world. Visitors to the Central House of Artists will get to see art from Cuba, Ukraine, Finland, Spain, Budapest, Switzerland, Germany, Belgrade and Japan, as well as a wide range of galleries from Moscow itself. 
L. Tishkov | Krokin Galllery (Moscow, Russia)
We wrote about a fantastic artistic project back in December 2010 called Private Moon, which featured artists Leonid Tishkov and Boris Bendikov, who had created their own moon and carried it around to places where they could take some truly stunning photographs. 
We were glad to hear that Krokin Gallery, that represents Tishkov in Moscow, will be showing at ART MOSCOW, and so hopefully they're will be a few fantastic moon images on show. 

Posted on August 27th 2011 on 01:35pm

Friday 19th August 2011Our July Kindle Winner

We are still running the chance to be a Kindle winner this month, through our Kindle competition, but we have been lucky enough to get a photography of our winner from last month, posed in front of her great Gallereo website. Thank you Alysia Anne!

Posted on August 19th 2011 on 09:51am

Friday 12th August 2011Artist Call: The Yellow Project

This week, we have another special introduction as our featured site of the week. This is special because there is also an opportunity here for you. 
AleRT is Not A Gallery is an organisation that supports and promotes contemporary arts projects, and in specific, interdisciplinary, site specific works that use a multidisciplinary dialogue and exchange to explore ideas of freedom, expression and innovation across multicultural boundaries. 
With bases in London, Venice and Los Angeles, AleRT is Not A Gallery will be hosting its very first project in London, in November this year. That first project is Yellow.
AleRT is Not A Gallery is active in organising events, exhibitions and performances, and they currently have a call for artists who would like to be involved in their Yellow Project this November. 
The Project will be a large scale installation, formed from the artworks of selected artists who explore the power and meaning of yellow as colour and cultural signifier, and what it has come to mean to us. 
The requirements for each artist is that they need to produce an artwork composed of a minimum of one, to a maximum of eighteen modules. Each module must be an equilateral triangle, of which each side will be 40 cm in length. The modules should be comprised of lightweight material like paper or thin board and should have the artists name, name of the work, signature and price on the back of the work. 
All media is permitted in creating the artwork upon the module. 
While there is no commission taken on sales of the work, there is an administration fee for being part of the project, which is based on the size of the artwork produced. For 1 - 3 modules, there is a £10 fee, for 3 - 6 there is a £15 fee and for 6 - 18 modules there is a £20.
If you would be interested in finding out more about the project, please visit the AleRT is Not A Gallery website, or you can download the application PDF which has everything that you need to apply. 
We look forward to seeing what comes of the Yellow Project, and where AleRT is Not A Gallery will be heading next. 
*Example work by Claudia Campus. Titled, Psychedelic Urban Landscape.

Posted on August 12th 2011 on 01:10pm
Labels: artist call

Wednesday 10th August 2011Fragments: An Exhibition of Young Contemporary Artists

It seems as though we have a very exciting and proactive collection of artists here at Gallereo, who go a long way to making things happen and to have their work shown to a potentially adoring public. 
How does an exhibition in a light house, on a small island off the North East coast of England sound?  Like a challenge, right?
Well, a group of artists have managed to organise such an exhibition, and they should be proud of the fact. 
Fragments, as the exhibition is titled, will be showing at St Mary's Lighthouse, in Whitley Bay, from 27th August, through to the 1st September.
This is the first time that an exhibition has been held on St Mary's Island and it will feature paintings, sculpture and photography from 6 artists. Alysia Anne, and Darren Shields are two of the artists that will be showing at the lighthouse, and are familiar to us here at Gallereo. 
Alysia Anne joined us back in April. As a student from New Jersey, but currently studying at Northumbria University for a BA in Fine Art. Alysia works competently in both painting and photography, exploring form and colour, and using multiple exposures in her photography to created hauntingly layered images. 
Darren has also been with us since April, and working under the alias Arctoa, specialises in the abstraction of photography, drawing on influences and inspirations from dreams, memories and the dislocation that can be found in alternate perceptions of reality. 
If you want to go along and check out the show, make sure to take note of the times of the tides so that you can time your trip to the lighthouse.
We'll be dropping by, so hope to see you there!

Posted on August 10th 2011 on 12:41pm
Labels: exhibitions

Monday 08th August 2011Win A Kindle: Round 2

Last month, we ran an offer to win a Kindle, and on the 29th July, our lucky winner was chosen as Alysia Ann.
With the excitement and celebrations over from last month, we are all set to run the same offer again this month. 
So, if you want to win a Kindle, all you have to do is write any one of the following about Gallereo:
- A blog post
- A Facebook post
- A Twitter post
Last month we had loads of great entries, with people writing lots of nice things about us, and what it's like to work with us. If you're not already with Gallereo, and therefore don't know what it's like to work with us, you could always just post a link to help us get our name out there, in order to reach artists and photographers from across the globe. 
The Kindle offer is open to anyone. All we stipulate is that the post must have a link to us, and that you should email us via the contact page to let us know that you've posted. That way we can make sure that you are entered successfully into the competition. The more posts that you do, the more entries you get into the competition. 
If you want to find out why we started the competition, take a look at our initial Win A Kindle blog post. 
This month, the winner will be announced on Wednesday 31st August here on the blog, but also via email. 
Happy posting! We look forward to hearing from you. 

Posted on August 08th 2011 on 09:28am

Friday 05th August 2011Featured Artist with A Twist: Our 100th Twitter Follower

Back in June, we reached out 100th follower on Twitter, and as a consequence, we gave that follower a free website with Gallereo as a big thank you!
We have all kinds of followers on Twitter, so it was genuinely hit and miss as to who was going to be the 100th, and whether they would even have an interest in setting up a website with Gallereo.
Luckily, our 100th follower was a dedicated and talented artist, whose work as been a pleasure to view and whose progress with Gallereo has been strong. 
I'd like to introduce you to the work of Nigel Painting.
Nigel is based in the North of England (another coincidence as our Twitter followers are a global bunch), and he uses paint, print and digital media to bring an array of subject matter to life through exemplary form, colour and texture. 
In his own words, Nigel states that "I'm almost surprised to recognise that it's the act of painting that currently defines most of what I do as an artist. I've long been aware of the historical loading of painting as a cultural signifier and have adopted a cunning plan of generally eschewing oil on canvas in favour of more culturally flimsy materials. In this way, I imagine that I'm escaping some historical burdens and setting up encounters with a range of fresh challenges."
Here at Gallereo we are excited to see what Nigel has in store and how his work develops. A big thank you to him for being our 100th Twitter follower and we hope that his new website helps him to display his work to a wider audience, to further his career, and bring him lots of new fans. 

Posted on August 05th 2011 on 01:01pm
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