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Wednesday 27th April 2011iPhone App to Help You Get Your Colours Together

The vast majority of the Gallereo community can probably count themselves lucky as they're able to say that they do have a heavy dose of artistic talent to go along with their yearning to be artistic in the first place. However, not everyone can be quite so lucky. 
Fear not, if you're desperate to give your inner artist a trial run, but are well aware that your talents are seriously limited, then CHROMAom might be something that you're interested in. 
CHROMAom was born from the joining of two colour-obsessed companies, COLOURlovers and ColourSchemer, the former being a colour-sharing community, and the latter making software for matching colours. Once the companies merged, they were able to make a fantastic amount of funding for their start up company through the YCombinator network. to really build on their business to help anyone become half decent at working with colour.
CHROMAom interestingly released an iPhone app called ColourSchemer which lets you pick colours from a colour wheel to form your own palette, and you can then share that palette on the COLOURlovers website. If you're having trouble making a good colour palette, you can take a photograph of something that you think looks good, and the app will let you select the colours from that photo. 

Posted on April 27th 2011 on 11:32am

Friday 22nd April 2011New Featured Artist Website: Chris Smith Work

The talent around here is incredible. Whoever said painting was dead was quite mistaken. As you will be able to see at this new artist website, created by Chris Smith.
Chris Smith is currently approaching what will be the end of a two year MFA degree at Leeds University in the UK. More than proficient in the art of putting paint to canvas, Chris shows a keen sense of construction in his work, and idea that is echoed in his site introduction.
"On the land adjacent to my studio a large building takes shape. The constant drilling, banging, shouting, the positioning and fixing of heavy materials has found its way into my work. Now I think of painting as a form of construction, which starts in the foundations of the ground and from the surface rises and expands to the boundaries where its form ends."
This new website houses Chris' newer works, showing a range of paintings, drawings and video stills.  
You can also find a list of exhibitions, awards and residencies by the artist, which include the Hans Brinker Residency in Amsterdam, and the British School at Rome under the Summerfield Scholarship. 

Posted on April 22nd 2011 on 04:56pm

Wednesday 20th April 2011New Featured Artist Website: Darren Shields / Art & Design

Darran Shields is refreshing new photographer that can be found on Gallereo. His new photography website is smart, clean and modern, and his photography is clever, bright and inspiring. 
Under the alias, arctic, Darren specialises in abstractions of photography and literature. These abstractions manifest themselves in light, form and colour and are taken from a range of sources in the world around us. From natures shapes, to man-made forms, there is little that Darren doesn't see with an eye for abstraction. 
His website neatly groups his work into cohesive gangs of images that allude to memories or a dream-like state where the world is weird and wonderful, but not fully in focus. 
Darren is based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where he excelled in photographic practice at College. He's also a multi-award winner on popular art sharing platform deviantART. 
We're glad to have Darren onboard, and hope that his website does him proud! 

Posted on April 20th 2011 on 10:49am

Monday 18th April 2011Have You Heard the Word About Designed & Made?

Have you heard the word about North East England based organisation, Designed & Made? No? Well we have, and we wanted to spread that word about a bit. 
Designed & Made operates in the realms of craft, design and applied arts, and specialises in nurturing it's North East members to be successful in their chosen discipline. Members dictate what successful means by defining goals for their creativity, their career, or their business if they have one already, or are in the process of setting one up. In improving their profile, or being exhibited on a wider scale. 
Members come from a diverse range of backgrounds, including glass makers, textile design, product designers, illustrators and beyond. 
Designed & Made offers two levels of membership:
Professional Membership (£35/year)
Professional members do not go through a selection panel to be included in the Designed & Made gang. Professional members can seek nurturing and support for their business and professional practice. 
As part of the membership, you get a short profile on the Designed & Made website, access to the members only area of the website which allows members to share information and opportunities, and access to professional practice events. 
Represented Membership (£45/year)
To become a represented member of Designed & Made, you are required to go before the selection committee, who will determine whether you are accepted. Designed & Made are looking for craft makers of the highest standard, who understand their material intrinsically and are working in new exciting ways. 
Represented members get, and extended profile on the website, the chance to sell their craft through the Designed & Made shop, opportunity to take part in exhibitions, networking events, professional practices talks and the opportunity to apply for mentoring and travel bursaries. 
Kathryn Hodgkinson, Creativity is Impossible to Clarify
Designed & Made have bags of character, are truly lovely people and have lots and lots to offer their members. 
Checkout the Designed & Made website, or contact them at

Posted on April 18th 2011 on 11:26am

Monday 11th April 2011Featured Artist Website: Harry Atkinson | Photographer

Gallereo is excited to be able to present the work of budding young photographer, Harry Atkinson
Based in the North East of England, Harry balances his photographic existence between artistic endeavours and professional commercial commissions. 
As a fine artist, Harry has an incredibly keen sense of composition and form, which can easily be seen in the works displayed on his new website. The simplicity of line and colour, make for some very graphically strong photographic works that are beautifully abstract.
As stated by the man himself, Abstraction and Minimalism have played a large part in Harry's artistic development, culminating in superb explorations of space, shape, colour and form. 
Never to be one-dimensional, Harry also does commercial commissions, taking on jobs in advertising, property development and for the press. Please contact him through his website if you are interesting in offering him a commission.
A keen passion for tea also makes for interesting observation on Harry's website, proving that a sense of humour can go a long way to making something which is already awesome, even better! 
Check him out on our list of featured artist websites.

Posted on April 11th 2011 on 05:41pm

Sunday 10th April 2011Free Websites for Art Students: Making Gallereo Even More Awesome

This April, Gallereo started a campaign to offer free artist websites to art students at Universities across the UK. The reason behind the campaign was the fact that it's no secret that graduating this year is going to be tough for everyone, no matter what subject you're involved in. 
We've reported the state of affairs with funding in the arts in the UK, and there are definitely winners and losers in that game. Unfortunately it seems that most are on the side of the losers, especially when trying to get that initial foothold in the art world. 
Therefore we have rallied to offer soon-to-graduate students the chance to build an artist website for free, with all of the facets and features that you would get with a full paid version of Gallereo. 
We hope that this will allow the students to start building an online portfolio and profile for themselves as they build towards their end of year degree shows. From there, they have something concrete to take away when they do graduate, and use it to continue to attract attention to what they are doing. 
Gallereo also comes fully fitted with an ecommerce option, allowing artists to sell their work online, which is something else that we hope the students can take advantage of as they build their websites.
What We're Getting Out of It
We haven't asked for anything in return from the students who are participating in the campaign, but that being the case, we'd be lying if we said that we weren't getting something out of it. 
As it turns out, students have been very vocal in pointing out areas that they've struggled in, or what they would like to see on Gallereo in the future, which is great. That means that we have something concrete to work on to make Gallereo much better for everyone that uses it.
Also, by seeing how the students are building their sites, we are able to see areas that we could streamline, or make easier in terms of administering the sites. We had a lot of ideas for how we would like to do this already, but now we have actual evidence of what is likely to work, and what isn't. 
So, a big THANK YOU to all of the students who have joined the campaign already, you're helping to improve Gallereo, without having to do anything particularly special, other than being yourselves.
The Future
We hope to continue to run the free websites for art students scheme for as long as possible. Each University that gets involved just needs it's own unique code, which is used by the students when signing up to active the free site.
If your University isn't involved yet, please get in touch as we'd like to help as many students as we can before they graduate this year. 
If you're not a student, but would still like the opportunity to get hold of a Gallereo website at a discounted rate, why not enter our $15 artist website competition. Submit your email address once, then everyday we choose a winner, who gets to create their very own artist website for a single $15 payment. 

Posted on April 10th 2011 on 12:36pm

Saturday 09th April 2011Featured Artist Website: Alysia Anne | Fine Art & Photography

Born in New Jersey, USA, and now studying for her bachelors degree in Fine Art at Northumbria University in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the UK, we are pleased to present Alysia Anne as the latest artist to be added to the featured artist websites
Mastering the art of photography, and combining that with other mediums such as painting, and printing, Alysia Anne creates expressive works inspired and informed by urban street art, but drawing on architectural form and composition. 
Selecting a wide variety of urban locations and landscapes, Alysia Anne creates melancholic and isolated lands that seem disconnected from their varying realities. 
Using vintage cameras, and age-old pin-hole technology, Alysia Anne makes haunting monotone works. While they may be of modern places and modern times, there is something eerily dated about the images, making the work all the more intriguing. 
In recent months, Alysia Annes' work has been seen at the Gallery North Project Space, Churchill House and the Hatton Gallery in Newcastle-upon- Tyne. 

Posted on April 09th 2011 on 10:59am

Friday 08th April 2011Printfest 2011 in Ulverston, Cumbria: Recommended by Gallereo

Printfest 2011 looks set to be a great event this year, with printmakers from across the UK, and beyond, signing up to be part of the 2011 festivities. 
Printfest is the only print fair to be held in a rural location, and to be dedicated to the exhibition of contemporary printmakers works. Taking place at the Town Hall in Ulverston, in the Lake District, Printfest always has a wide array of print mediums available for viewing and purchasing, often with some truly magnificent hidden gems. 
This year the fair takes place on Saturday 30th April, and Sunday 1st May, from 10am to 5pm, and more than 40 national and international printmakers are going to be taken part. We've been down to view the proceedings for the past couple of years, and have never been disappointed with the quality and variety of work on show.
With this year being the 10th anniversary of Printfest, there has been a large-scale work commissioned from this year's Printmakers of the year, Trevor Price. That work will be unveiled later this year as part of Printfest proceedings. 
Gallereo is proud to say that we have been building relationships with printmakers from this Cumbrian event over the past few months, two of which will be showing their artwork at the event this year. 
Marion Kuit
Marion is very much integral to the Cumbrian art scene, having previously taught art in places such as Merseyside, Newcastle and Northumberland in the UK.  Moving on from there, Marion now teaches painting and printing in Adult Education, and is the County Co-Ordinator for Arts and Crafts in Cumbria Adult Education. 
Having secured an MA in Contemporary Arts Practice at Cumbria University in 2000, Marion is a perfect example of the strength and variety of printmakers to come out of the North-West.
Marion creates works based on biological and geographical forms, on an intimate scale, often seeming like works of science fiction. Marion also experiments with seasonal variations of similar scenes, highlighting the way that light and nature alter throughout the year. 
Marion will have a full range of prints available for view and purchase at Printfest this year. You can take a sneak peek at her linocuts, screen prints and etchings on her gallereo website.
Ben Quail
Ben is an East Anglian printmaker, who has also been able to make a name for himself in the North-West. 
Using strong narrative, and scenes taken from his own travels, Ben has built up a series of paintings, prints and collages that are colourful and humorous as depictions of human interactions with nature and their surroundings. 
As well as being a prolific printmaker, Ban also runs a community based art programme called Rural Mural Community Arts, encouraging community involvement in the process of art making. 
Between Ben's community work, and his own endeavours as an artist, he has been able to exhibit widely, with exhibitions in Lewisham, Peckham, Colchester, Norwich, Bradford, Manchester, and of course the Lake District. As well as being widely exhibited, Ben has also received a number of commissions and residencies including a print residency in Norfolk Schools, and a commission from Peterborough General Hospital. 
Ben will also have a nice array of prints available at Printfest this year, may of which can be previewed on his gallereo website.
Come along to Printfest 2011, meet some absolutely excellent printmakers, and have a chat with us if you want to find out more about what we do in the art community!

Posted on April 08th 2011 on 01:38pm

Saturday 02nd April 2011French Impressionist Masterpieces Will Not Go On Show In Japan

The world has watched the recent events in Japan unfold with shock and horror. Tens of thousands of people killed as towns and villages were wiped away, and then to have the threat of a nuclear accident on top, makes this one of the most devastating things to ever happen to Japan. 
While aid efforts continue from countries around the world, a slight halt has been put on the rendering of certain cultural events in the country, due to international fears linked to the breakdown of the Fukushima power plant. 
It has been reported that a show of French Impressionist masterpieces, that were on loan from major French institutions, and were set to be displayed in Hiroshima, has now been postponed.
The exhibition was to be shown at the Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum, beginning on the 5th April, but it is thought that recent nuclear events in the country have stoked up concern amongst the lenders to the exhibition.
The exhibition was to consist of 84 Impressionist works, from institutions such as The Beaux-Arts museum of Lille and Bordeaux and the Chartreuse Museum in Bouai. It was the French ministry of culture who called for the halt to the show, but have so far failed to comment on the reason for doing so. 
The Hiroshime Prefectural Art Museum website claims that the exhibition has been postponed due to nuclear scares from the Fukushima power plant, even though Hiroshima is 200 miles south west of Fukushima.  
Nevertheless, it is clear that cultural institutions are concerned about the impact that the recent devastating events in Japan have had, and will have on important works of art that are shown in the country for the time being.
(Image: Monet’s "View at Rouelles", 1858, planned for Hiroshima)

Posted on April 02nd 2011 on 11:41am

Friday 01st April 2011The British Arts Council Makes It's Cuts

Arts organisations across the UK have been waiting in anticipation this week, to hear what the Arts Council had to say about who was going to continue to receive funding, who may have to take a reduction in funding, and who has been cut out of the picture all together. 
It was clear that the decisions were going to be tough. Last October, the Arts Council had £100million cut from it's budget, and since then has received 1,333 applications for grants. The Council made it clear that they were not going to have a policy of taking a cut from everybody's budget; they said that there were going to assess each case in isolation, and only continue to award funding to "excellent organisations and exceptional individual talent."
That being the case, 695 of the 1,333 applications have been granted some level of funding, with 110 of those being new groups, that have not been funded by the Council before. 206 of the organisations that were receiving regular funding from the Arts Council have been cut out of the equation completely, and left to fend for themselves.
Organisations that have lost out include, the Leeds-based Norther Ballet, which had it's funding cut by a quarter, and the Derby Theatre and Northcott Theatre have been cut out completely. 
The Institute of Contemporary Art in London lost out by 37% and The Royal Shakespeare Company, the Birmingham Royal Ballet, English National Ballet and Opera North are all seeing cuts of around 6.6%.
Organisations to come out in a much better position were the Young Vic which was up by 15.8%, Northern Stage saw an increase of 19.6%, the Chichester Festival Theatre saw their grant increase by 10.1% and the Whitechapel Gallery will benefit from a rise of 25.3%.
Given the current situation, the Government has pledged to spend an extra £80million in lottery money from 2013, with a fair amount of that money going to encourage touring companies, and work with children and young people.
Full facts and figures about the changes in the Arts Councils funding portfolio, can be viewed on the Arts Councils website.

Posted on April 01st 2011 on 12:24pm
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