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Label: gallereo sites

Saturday 21st May 2011New Featured Artist Website: I Am John Dogsfield

This weeks featured site, is not the creation of just a single artist, but rather the accumulative work of a diverse group of artists working in Leeds in the UK.
In March this year, these artists came together under curator Nella Aarne, to hold an exhibition titled I Am John Dogsfield. The show was held in a converted terraced house; an interesting location that sees the convergence of a once domestic building in to an institutionalised space, with only hints of creature comforts left intact. 
While not motivated by this subtle cross-over, the exhibition was able to go someway to playing with the idea of fake domesticity and questioning ideas of form and function. 
The I Am John Dogsfield website gives a full description, layout and rundown of the exhibition, along with a gallery set out by room, and a page for each of the artists involved. 
Take a look at their fantastic site to find out more!

Posted on May 21st 2011 on 11:24am

Thursday 12th May 2011New Featured Artist Website: Sarah Harrison

Sarah Harrison is an art student based in Leeds, UK. She has recently created a very nice gallery without walls on Gallereo, in order to house and display some of her latest and greatest creations. 
Working on the Nevinson template, Sarah has created an art gallery that really shows what a tactile and explorative artist she is. Prints, painting, collage and photographs litter the pages, coming together creating patchworks of texture and form. 
There's something about Sarah's work that makes you want to reach out and touch it. Her use of everyday materials make the work relatable, while the combinations, collections and compositions make the work endlessly interesting. 
Visit Sarah's website to view more of her work!

Posted on May 12th 2011 on 08:26pm

Friday 08th April 2011Printfest 2011 in Ulverston, Cumbria: Recommended by Gallereo

Printfest 2011 looks set to be a great event this year, with printmakers from across the UK, and beyond, signing up to be part of the 2011 festivities. 
Printfest is the only print fair to be held in a rural location, and to be dedicated to the exhibition of contemporary printmakers works. Taking place at the Town Hall in Ulverston, in the Lake District, Printfest always has a wide array of print mediums available for viewing and purchasing, often with some truly magnificent hidden gems. 
This year the fair takes place on Saturday 30th April, and Sunday 1st May, from 10am to 5pm, and more than 40 national and international printmakers are going to be taken part. We've been down to view the proceedings for the past couple of years, and have never been disappointed with the quality and variety of work on show.
With this year being the 10th anniversary of Printfest, there has been a large-scale work commissioned from this year's Printmakers of the year, Trevor Price. That work will be unveiled later this year as part of Printfest proceedings. 
Gallereo is proud to say that we have been building relationships with printmakers from this Cumbrian event over the past few months, two of which will be showing their artwork at the event this year. 
Marion Kuit
Marion is very much integral to the Cumbrian art scene, having previously taught art in places such as Merseyside, Newcastle and Northumberland in the UK.  Moving on from there, Marion now teaches painting and printing in Adult Education, and is the County Co-Ordinator for Arts and Crafts in Cumbria Adult Education. 
Having secured an MA in Contemporary Arts Practice at Cumbria University in 2000, Marion is a perfect example of the strength and variety of printmakers to come out of the North-West.
Marion creates works based on biological and geographical forms, on an intimate scale, often seeming like works of science fiction. Marion also experiments with seasonal variations of similar scenes, highlighting the way that light and nature alter throughout the year. 
Marion will have a full range of prints available for view and purchase at Printfest this year. You can take a sneak peek at her linocuts, screen prints and etchings on her gallereo website.
Ben Quail
Ben is an East Anglian printmaker, who has also been able to make a name for himself in the North-West. 
Using strong narrative, and scenes taken from his own travels, Ben has built up a series of paintings, prints and collages that are colourful and humorous as depictions of human interactions with nature and their surroundings. 
As well as being a prolific printmaker, Ban also runs a community based art programme called Rural Mural Community Arts, encouraging community involvement in the process of art making. 
Between Ben's community work, and his own endeavours as an artist, he has been able to exhibit widely, with exhibitions in Lewisham, Peckham, Colchester, Norwich, Bradford, Manchester, and of course the Lake District. As well as being widely exhibited, Ben has also received a number of commissions and residencies including a print residency in Norfolk Schools, and a commission from Peterborough General Hospital. 
Ben will also have a nice array of prints available at Printfest this year, may of which can be previewed on his gallereo website.
Come along to Printfest 2011, meet some absolutely excellent printmakers, and have a chat with us if you want to find out more about what we do in the art community!

Posted on April 08th 2011 on 01:38pm

Saturday 06th November 2010Another New Artist & Photographer Website Template

Gallereo have now fully launched another template which is fit for use by any artists or photographers looking for a fully fitted and kitted website. 
Nevinson Template
As the latest template to be added to Gallereo, the Nevinson template is named after famous British war artist C.R.W. Nevinson. Son of famous war correspondent and journalist, Henry Nevison and suffragette and writer Margaret Nevinson. The Nevinson template makes use of a classic typewriter typeface and large, clean image spaces that will do any artwork or photograph justice.
The templates comes in 5 standard colour variations and is flexible in terms of whether is can be used as a place to sell art and photographs online, or whether it is used as a portfolio website. Differing from the current templates that we have, there is also a subtle use of colour highlights on text and image surrounds to help the features of the template stand out. 
If you want to find out more about the templates on offer at Gallereo and find out just how flexible they really are, get in touch, or try our 30 day free trial, with no obligation to pay at the end.

Posted on November 06th 2010 on 03:14pm

Wednesday 27th October 2010New Website Template for Artists & Photographers

Over the past few months, Gallereo has been working on a series of new website templates specifically suited to the needs of artists and photographers. Over the coming weeks we will be releasing these new website templates for use with the Gallereo system. If you see a new template come up that you like, you can easily switch from the template you are currently using, directly to one of these new ones without having to start building again from scratch.
The Newman Template
The Newman template is the latest template design to be added to Gallereo. Suitable for both artists and photographers, this template makes use of bold typefaces and a strong, contrasting monotone design. 
This template has a powerful, contemporary and striking design, offering a solid graphical appeal. Clean lines and a simple layout means that there is nothing to distract from the artwork or photographs on show.
Fully customisable, from the items and names on the menu to the presence of introductory text on the homepage. From whether the ecommerce functionality of the template is switched on or whether it becomes solely a showcase for your work. The template also comes in five colour variations as standard, meaning you can stay chic and opt for a classic black template, or go more contemporary with a white, gallery style template, or even go a little crazy and have a pink design to show off your artwork and photographs.
If you want to find out more about the templates on offer at Gallereo and find out just how flexible they really are, get in touch, or try our 30 day free trial, with no obligation to pay at the end.

Posted on October 27th 2010 on 07:55pm

Friday 23rd April 2010New Kid on the Gallereo Block

The young ones, no not to the tv show, but the real deal, are here to show Gallereo how it's done! 
The latest addition to Gallereo is A-Level student Rhys Taylor, who brings us Retro Graphic art. Creating stunningly cool black and white prints, using retro icons, Rhys already shows a lot of talent and creativity as he makes his way towards an Art Foundation course at Newcastle College. 
His TV series is making waves here at Gallereo HQ, but there's some nice stuff to choose from on his site, so take a gander.
This is just the start for Retro Graphic Art, so show your support and make sure you check back to see how Rhys is getting on and what his latest offerings are! 

Posted on April 23rd 2010 on 05:54pm

Sunday 14th March 2010Gallereo Teams Up With Digital Lab

After visiting the F-Stop Gallery in the Ouseburn last week, Gallereo is proud to announce that Digital Lab, owner of the F-Stop Gallery will be creating a project for photographers using Gallereo.
Digital Lab is a professional photo lab based in Newcastle upon Tyne that has been working with photographers since 1949, achieving award winning results with their work. Digital Lab work with everyone from top level professional photographers, right down to photography students who are just starting out. 
Along side their well respected lab business, Digital Lab have opened the F-Stop Gallery which is an accompanying exhibition space where they are able to hold shows for photographers that they work with. The gallery has proven extremely popular with the space booked out solidly for the rest of the year, with a new exhibition taking place each month. 
Digital Lab will be using Gallereo to create an online portal to compliment their exhibition schedule where each photographer will get dedicated online gallery space and the chance to show and sell their work to a worldwide audience. 
We are really pleased to be working with Digital Lab and F-Stop, and look forward to seeing the exciting things that they can pull together for their site. 
To watch their progress, visit their online gallery.

Posted on March 14th 2010 on 12:36pm
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