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Label: art fairs

Thursday 30th January 2014The Changing Art World

It's no surprise that the art world changes regularly - innovation, re-examination and remixing are three of the main driving forces behind artistic vision, and have been there in some form or other since the very beginning of recorded history. It should come as no surprise, then, that the way both artists and viewers interact with art is also undergoing a change. To any of you who already use a Gallereo page to sell your work, whether in conjunction with offline galleries or not, this should come as no surprise. After all, you're already adopting one of the major changes that have shaken up the traditional gallery model. Online art sales are booming, and while many buyers don't want to buy artwork without seeing it 'in the flesh', this attitude is also changing.

Online galleries are the only shakeup going on at the moment, as the growing popularity of the art fair has begun to change how galleries operate. Instead of relying on general foot traffic and industry parties to generate buzz, many gallery owners - and independent artists - are finding great success from the consolidating opportunities offered by art fairs. In the same way that online art shopping allows potential buyers to browse a virtually unlimited selection of work, art fairs are offering the chance to browse a massive selection while still actually being able to inspect the pieces firsthand before purchase. For gallery owners, the potentials are just as tantalising, with some gallery owners able to earn as much as they normally would in an entire year from a single successful art fair.

Now, you're not going to stumble across a Van Gogh or a Picasso, even at as prestigious a fair as the recently completed London Art Fair, but as the number of works by the most well-known world famous painters are increasingly becoming unavailable as they get picked up by private collectors and museums unlikely to sell, the demand for contemporary work is growing by leaps and bounds. It doesn't hurt that many different cities around the world are beginning to catch on to the trend, making local contemporary work available to a much wider audience than galleries have been able to reach traditionally. Artists who take the time to combine an online presence with appearances at local art fairs are likely to dramatically increase both their sales and general exposure within the art world.

Posted on January 30th 2014 on 03:08pm

Monday 26th September 2011Gallereo at the NewcastleGateshead Art Fair 2011

This week is a big week for Gallereo; we are making our first official venture out into the world of exhibiting, by showcasing the works of some of the Gallereo artists at the 2011 NewcastleGateshead Art Fair.
The fair kicks off with an invitation only preview night on Thursday 28th September, and then runs through until the 2nd October. 
We are going to be on Stand P4 where we will have some fantastic examples of printmaking, painting, drawing and photography from artists who have previously created a website with our artist website builder.
We will also have a computer set up in case anyone wants to give Gallereo a go, would like a live demonstration or even if you just want to ask us some questions, we'd be more than happy to have a chat with you. 
To get your online creative juices flowing, here are examples of the websites of the artists from this years fair:

Posted on September 26th 2011 on 02:53pm
Labels: art fairs

Friday 22nd October 2010There's Nothing Like a Nail in the Foot to Shake Up a Show

VOLTA NY is an art fair that was developed to follow in the footsteps of its parent fair (also called VOLTA) which was founded in Basel in 2005. VOLTA is the American version of the Swiss show which offers the opportunity to get a good, close up look at contemporary art and modern day practices. Unique in the sense that the only art fair to insist on each artist having an individual booth to themselves, VOLTA NY seeks to bring new ideas, new media and new ways of looking at contemporary art to the table.
The 2010 VOLTA NY show earlier this year, which was aptly titled "No Guts No Glory" is suitably representative of the attitude of the show as a whole and the types of artist and artwork that they show. The Art Newspaper visited the show this year and Jean Wainwright conducted an interview with an artist that perhaps best demonstrates the relevance of the shows title. 
Todd Pavlisko is a contemporary artist who caused a stir at this years VOLTA NY event by displaying a video performance of himself hammering a nail through his own foot, nailing it to the wooden floor beneath. The video of the interview with Pavlisko can be viewed on The Art Newspaper website, along with the footage of the nail performance. I will take this opportunity to warn you that the performance is real, so don't watch the video if you are adverse to images of a graphic nature. 
Pavlisko describes the performance as a challenge to his own body and a challenge of his endurance. A lot of research has gone into the approach to this so that he was able to avoid serious injury, however there is still a long process of recovery required for the artist after doing this. 
However much of a stir Pavlisko caused, he has yet to reach the truly gruesome heights of past performance artists that have used their own bodies in torturous ways to create their art. Chris Burden is perhaps the most famed artist to have produced controversial artworks in which personal pain and danger were key elements. 
Shoot (1971) and Trans-Fixed (1974) are amongst Burdens most quoted works. In Shoot Burden was shot in the left arm by an assistant, from a distance of about five meters and in Trans-Fixed, Burden was nailed by his hands, as if being crucified, to the back of a Volkswagen Beetle. The car was taken out of the garage and displayed for two minutes before being put back into the garage again. 
Since the dawn of time humans have been pushing the boundaries of what the body can do. Interestingly, when it takes place in the setting of a gallery, museum or art fair, people really do sit up and take notice. 
The next installment of VOLTA NY will take place in March 2011. Watch this space.

Posted on October 22nd 2010 on 04:04pm

Tuesday 28th September 2010Where is Gallereo this Week? The NewcastleGateshead Art Fair!

It is almost impossible to believe that it has been a year since the last NewcastleGateshead Art Fair. Gallereo attended last year to spectate and take in all of the great galleries and artists that the Fair had attracted.
This years art fair is on from Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd October at the The Sage Gateshead; a landmark building for what has become a landmark art event in the North East of England. The art fair is a great place for collectors and art lovers, whether they are looking to make their very first investment or are well seasoned art connoisseurs. 
Last year the show had around 9,000 visitors, and hopefully they can beat that this year. The art fair now attracts galleries from all across the world, and this year Gallereo are particularly excited about The Emerging Artist Showcase which will be returning with 15 unrepresented artists, offering people a chance to see some brand new talent.
Head honcho at the fair, Andy Balman certainly deservers some recognition for the work that he has put in to get the fair to where it is today. Starting of setting up The Biscuit Factory, Europe's largest commercial gallery, Andy has put a great deal of effort into making the NewcastleGateshead Art Fair a huge success and an internationally recognised event for leading artists and galleries. 
We'er going to be these this weekend to see what pleasant surprises the fair has this year, hope to see you there!

Posted on September 28th 2010 on 10:13pm
Labels: art fairs

Saturday 05th June 2010Where will Gallereo be Next? The Berlin Biennale!!

That's right, this week Gallereo will be all over Berlin soaking up as much art and culture as possible...even though we're well aware that we'd need the rest of the year to take everything in.
The 6th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art will kick off on on the 11th June, and runs through until the 8th August so there's plenty of time to make your way around the various venues, from the KW institute of Contemporary Art, right across to the Alte Nationalgalerie on Museum Island.
Try and catch up with us if you can, we can thrash it out about the state of the contemporary art scene, or just indulge in some real German beer! If you're following us on Twitter we'll post our locations as we move about to give you a better chance of finding us :)
See you there!
PS. If you can't make it, be sure to pick up the reader - 6th Berlin Biennial for Contemporary Art. Reader

Posted on June 05th 2010 on 11:35am

Sunday 10th January 2010Where is Gallereo this Week? The London Art Fair!

Welcome to our new series of posts, which will appear  every now and again when a member of the Gallereo team has escaped the confines of the office is out and about, hitting the streets in the search of an arts and culture boost.  
If you're quick enough, you might catch us.....and if you do, you have an obligation to come over and say hello!   We're a rare breed, but you should be able to spot us with some sort of Gallereo adornment (the t-shirt is my favourite!)
For our first outing, as we flee the excitement of building towards our soft launch day, Gallereo will be at the London Art Fair.  In an unofficial capacity I might add.
We are looking forward to the Photo50 showcase of contemporary photography this year, with some very distinguished panelists bringing us an insight into the latest and greatest that the medium has to offer.
We hear that Mauger Modern of Bath will also be bringing along some interesting wares, so maybe look for us around their space, perusing the goods.
The London Art Fair previews on Tuesday night (12th) and runs through to Sunday 17th. 

Posted on January 10th 2010 on 11:23am
Labels: art fairs
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