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Label: gallereo

Friday 01st January 2016Hello 2016!

Hello 2016! It's another brand new year fresh with possibilities, and from everyone here at Gallereo we want to wish you a Happy New Year! This year with the blog we want to build on the series we began in 2015, continuing our Artist Spotlight series in the hopes of showing you a new favourite artist you've yet to discover, our explorations of public art and bringing you new doses of seasonal inspiration and encouragement, as well as the occasional project inspiration posts to jumpstart your creativity when you're feeling a bit stuck.

In addition to these great series, we're going to be exploring some new ground as well. We're going to be scouring the web for some of the greatest resources available to digital artists, in the hopes of both inspiring you and helping you to complete your existing digital dreams. The internet is a vast place, and there are an incredible number of free resources that are available to artists, but sometimes they're not quite as easily available as you might expect. We'll do the heavy lifting for you by searching out the best and biggest, no matter whether you're looking for free stock photo resources or new brushes for your Photoshop projects.

We're also going to be expanding on our Genre Spotlight series, where we take a look at some of the most popular classic genres from the last century and the artists that helped shape them, hopefully giving a sense of how the current state of the art world grew and evolved into the chaotically beautiful gamut we know and love today. Knowing how we got to where we are now can help point us in new directions, and you never know what sort of inspiration you might get to blend into your own work.

And, of course, that's not all - we're going to keep bringing you some of the most interesting and quirky stories from around the art world, whether it's new techniques in the fight against forgeries or the newest frontiers of artistic media. Virtual reality is going to make a huge splash in 2016, and it's an exciting time for artists who are exploring the cutting edge of the digital world. Be sure to visit us regularly for all these exciting posts and much, much more - and once again, Happy 2016!

Posted on January 01st 2016 on 04:49pm
Labels: 2016, gallereo

Monday 27th October 2014Your Guide to Gallereo: A Retrospective

It's been just over a year since we started doing regularly postings here at the Gallereo blog, and after our recent post about looking back over your artistic career as the year draws to a close, we couldn't help but look back at our own postings. We've covered a number of tips for getting your Gallereo page up and running as quickly and effectively as possible, and many of you new readers (welcome!) may not have had a chance to read them, so we thought we'd put together a quick guide to some of the highlights that will help you get the most out of your Gallereo page.
First steps are the most important, so for those of who are brand new to Gallereo, get a quick rundown on what you need to know with our post on first steps for digital artists. It's just a quick overview, but if you're new, it's the best place to get a sense of where you need to direct your energies.

Once you've got the basics down, you'll want to dig in to learn more about digitising your work to get it up on your Gallereo page. Fortunately, we've got a quick guide for you on that score as well. Getting your work online isn't all there is to it of course, so next you'll need to generate some buzz.

There are a number of ways to do start developing your following, and using social media to drive sales can be a powerful tool if you handle it properly. You will also want to make sure that you take full use of the blogging feature on your Gallereo page, and we've got some blog post ideas and inspiration for those of you who aren't natural writers.

Don't get so caught up in developing fans that you forget to tell them about yourself, though. The story behind your artwork and your artistic career is one of the things that helps sell pieces - buyers love to hear the root beginnings of the artwork they purchase.

This is just the very tip of the iceberg, of course, and there's a ton of great content going back through the the last year, but this quick guide should put you on the right track with a minimum of fuss. Dig in, do some reading, and then start putting the ideas into action, and you'll start making sales in no time at all.

Posted on October 27th 2014 on 04:17am

Wednesday 19th February 2014Keeping Your Gallereo Page Looking Current

One of the most common mistakes made by artists who are new to the digital world make is also probably one of the most understandable ones. Not being zoomed in to the world of the web and the extremely rapid stylistic evolutions of digital design means that many artists are suddenly left with websites that look outdated and even antiquated to the public. The general web-going public may not be able to put their finger exactly on what seems 'off' about these sites, but the average art buyer is a little more savvy when it comes to current trends in design, and at the very least, they are deliberately conscious of what what they like and what they don't. This begs the question - when is it time to update your Gallereo page design?

Somewhat frustratingly, there isn't an easy answer to this question. Some people in the web design world offer a general rule of thumb that maintains updating your website every two years will allow you to stay on top of current trends, but considering the amount of time and effort that many people put into their sites, this isn't really practical. This is doubly true when (like most artists) you're not working with a professional web designer, and have to do the work yourself.

That being said, it's important to pay attention to the latest design trends to ensure that the contemporary feel of your website is maintained. Unless you're going for a specifically retro look, it's best to pay close attention to the design styles of some of the most popular websites to determine where they're going. For example, Apple's website design style used to correspond with their launch of the OSX operating system, featuring clean, rounded-glass styled buttons that leapt off the page in 3D.

In today's world, however, buttons like that tend to look a little over-designed and flashy, and the latest trend leans towards what is known as 'flat' design, with slight to minimal gradients on buttons and a greater emphasis on usability and clarity instead of needless flashiness. There is an added bonus to this recent emphasis, of course - clarity and well-planned sites are much, much  better at turning visitors into buyers.

Like the fashion world, design styles often seem cyclical, which can bring trends back around into vogue that were popular years ago and died out for a while. Even still, it's a long cycle, and while it may seem like forever, the web has only been around in earnest for a little over a decade - it's better to stay current with your Gallereo design in order to maximize your sales and attract the most visitors.

Posted on February 19th 2014 on 01:41am

Thursday 09th January 2014Tips for Designing Your Gallereo Page

We've discussed a number of different ways you can structure your Gallereo page in order to boost your sales, from taking advantage of search engine optimisation to writing complete descriptions all the way to using social media to build a name for yourself and ideas for maintaining and building readership using your built-in Gallereo blog. There is an element to your Gallereo page that can make an even larger difference to your success - the visual style, of course! We've held back from commenting on this because it's fairly personal in terms of your own unique artistic vision, but there are still some basic design pointers that we can offer that will be especially beneficial to those of you who are new to the whole web design world.

First of all, it's important to keep in mind that the pre-made templates that Gallereo offers are excellent. If the idea of designing your own website or modifying the templates yourself is overwhelming, don't be afraid to make use of the pre-made options. They're going to do a great job of helping you sell your work, and they all look great. That being said, if you have the time and the skills - or at least the willingness to learn - nothing can do a better job of representing you than a customised site.

When you're customising templates or coding from scratch, though, there are some things you should keep in mind. Namely, unless you're making your entire site an art project in and of itself, you want to keep the design elements to a minimum. To give your artwork maximum impact and so gain maximum sales numbers, you want the artwork itself to take centre stage, not the website. This is why so many artist websites use neutral colours for backgrounds - white, grey, or black - because they really help the colours and elements of the artwork imagery 'pop' from the page.

With that in mind, though, it's a good idea to include a little bit of colour around your site, but make sure to use it sparingly. Choose one or two colours that work well together, and use them as accents around the site - for example, on your 'Buy' or 'Purchase' buttons and any other 'call to actions' you use on your site. A 'call to action' is basically what it says on the tin: a button or link that asks the user to perform an action, such as 'get more information' or 'purchase now', which makes highlighting them with colour very useful.

Plan your site carefully, because it can be one of the largest factors that impact your success at selling your artwork online. Remember - it can be a work in progress. If you finish your site and find that you're getting lots of visitors but not a lot of sales, try changing your site around to see if it will help boost sales.

Posted on January 09th 2014 on 10:56pm

Friday 29th November 2013Inspiration for Your Gallereo Blog

One of the best tools for your Gallereo page is the blog feature. You've probably heard us urging you on to use it, but perhaps you're holding back for some reason. Not every artist takes to writing, and some truly hate it, but a well-written blog really can make the difference between making a few sales and more dynamic success. One of the most common problems non-writers struggle with when starting out, though, is what to write about. Hopefully, this post will inspire you to take your blog out there and turn it into a fun, exciting project that stops being a chore and starts being a great tool for your art sales.

The most important thing to do with your blog is to write about things that interest you. Even if you're not the best writer in the world, your readers will be able to tell that you care about the things you're posting about, and it will resonate with them and they'll want to come back. Passion helps your natural 'voice' to come out in your words, and you'll see the benefits of it almost instantly, as you grow to enjoy it.

You've probably already embraced the art world fully into your life - most artists don't work in a vacuum, they live and breathe art even if they have to deal with a day job. When you're on the net or out in your hometown, keep an eye out for things that inspire you. Listen to what speaks to you, and use that as the kernel for a post. It doesn't have to be a thousand word essay on the relative merits of modern expressionism (although kudos if that's what inspires you) - even a simple image can reach out and touch people.

If that doesn't work for you, or you've already tried it, remember to talk about you. While you don't want every post to be about you or your artwork, it is your blog and you should be using it to inform your readers about what's happening. Are you excited about a piece you just finished? Share that excitement with us. Are you struggling with a piece that's been in your studio for months that just won't end? Tell us about it, and maybe your readers will provide you with the inspiration and encouragement you need to finish it up.

Above all else, make your blog reflect who you are as an artist. If you're not sure who that is, exactly, then try using your blog as a tool to help you figure it out. What would you want to post? What would you want to read about? What do you see that makes you want to turn to the person next to you to share it with them? That's what your blog should be about. Enjoy!

Posted on November 29th 2013 on 10:56pm

Saturday 26th October 2013What to Avoid on Your Gallereo Blog

Confused? That's OK! Most of these types of articles tend to offer you tips on what to do - but we thought we'd switch things up today and give you some advice on what to avoid on your blog. We don't really want to tell you want to do, as your blog is your own - but if you avoid these pitfalls, your general creativity will fill in the rest!

Arguably the most important thing to avoid on your blog is pointless posting. Pointless posts typically occur when you haven't decided what you're hoping to get out of running your blog. Fortunately, this is pretty easy to fix with a few moments thought. Increasing sales of your artwork is probably the most important goal for your blog, but there are others as well, ranging from increasing your exposure to demonstrating intelligent views to reaching out to your fans. If you keep those goals firmly in mind, you'll cut down on pointless posts that don't really move you closer to them, and instantly start generating ideas that will help you achieve them.

The next thing to avoid is posting, like, you know, whenever. The most successful blogs have a schedule, and they stick to it - you can do the same with your Gallereo blog. Just make sure that you set realistic expectations. If you hate writing, it's not likely that you're going to be making five posts a week forever, and even if you love writing, life tends to get in the way. Whatever you decide your posting schedule should be, stick to it.

Be sure to avoid compartmentalising. If you've been following our advice series, you know by now that it's vital to have social media accounts in addition to your Gallereo blog. To use them to best effect, you want to make sure that all your social media accounts and your blog play nice with one another. The more you mention Facebook on your blog and your blog on your Twitter and your Twitter on your Facebook, the better integrated they'll be, and the better your fan community will function. If your Facebook fans don't know what your blog fans know, or vice versa, you'll start running into problems.

Finally, the most important thing to avoid is too much self-promotion. This might seem like a paradox, but if you want to keep your fans engaged with your blog and coming back regularly, you'll need to post content about more than just yourself. Not that you should feel bad about posting about you and your work, upcoming shows or events, etc, but rather that you should space it out with interesting content about the art world in general. Things you love, things you hate, things that inspire you and things that speak to you are all good post ideas that will help space out the posts about you while both keeping your readers engaged and avoiding the pointless posting problem. Happy blogging!

Posted on October 26th 2013 on 07:51pm
Labels: blog, gallereo, tips

Saturday 09th July 2011Gallereo is Going to the NewcastleGateshead Art Fair 2011

I am very excited to be able to announce that Gallereo will be attending this years NewcastleGateshead Art Fair.  
Gallereo was created from my passion of art, and a desire to be able to help artists to promote their work, and further their careers, no matter what their background, means or ambitions. Gallereo formed as a website builder for artists and photographers, and this part of what we do is going very strong at the moment. We have some absolutely wonderful artists on board, who are creating interesting and diverse works of art, that are showcased on some very nice websites. 
With the website builder going strong, I have been able to look at ways of helping artists offline as well as online. Gallereo's stand at the NewcastleGateshead Art Fair will be the first time that we are able to offer artists a chance to exhibit their work offline, to a wide audience and collector base. 
As this is the first time that we will be attending such an event, we thought it only right that we offer the exhibition opportunity to the earliest adopters of Gallereo, who have stuck by us as we've grown and developed. 
So, we will be proud to showcase the works of Hans Meertens, Mark Jessett, Marion Kuit, Ben Quail and David Waters at the fair. 
The NewcastleGateshead Art Fair will take place from the 29th September, to the 2nd October at The Sage Gateshead. Information about visiting the event, the artists that we are showing and our future plans for Gallereo Exhibitions, can be seen on our Exhibitions website
I hope that this is just the beginning for Gallereo Exhibitions, and that we will have many more exhibitions opportunities to offer to members of the Gallereo network, in the not too distant future. 
Thank you to everybody for the support, and I hope to see you at the fair. 
Emma McMillan

Posted on July 09th 2011 on 01:06pm
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