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Tuesday 27th December 2011The Whitney Museum of American Art Announces its Artist for 2012

The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York has announced the list of artists who have been selected to participate in the upcoming 2012 Whitney Biennial. 
The 2012 Whitney Biennial will be the 76th edition of the ongoing series of Biennials and Annuals, that has been presented by the Whitney since 1932. This years event will take place at the Whitney, on Madison Avenue, from 1st March through to the 27th May. 
The Whitney Biennial is eagerly awaited as an indicator of the current state of contemporary art in the United States. The exhibition will include painting, sculpture, photography and installation, from both emerging and established artists. 
The 2012 Biennial is being curated by Elisabeth Sussman, Curator and Sondra Gilman Curator of Photography at the Whitney, and Jay Sanders, a freelance curator. The Curators began research and work on the whole project back in December 2010. In that time they have pulled together a list of 51 artists who are to participate in the exhibition next year. 
Further details of the Biennial are due to be released in January 2012, but for the time being, the list of artists selected to participate, are as follows:
  • Kai Althoff 
  • Thom Andersen 
  • Charles Atlas 
  • Lutz Bacher 
  • Forrest Bess (paintings selected by artist Robert Gober)
  • Michael Clark 
  • Dennis Cooper and Gisèle Vienne
  • Cameron Crawford 
  • Moyra Davey 
  • Liz Deschenes 
  • Nathaniel Dorsky 
  • Nicole Eisenman 
  • Kevin Jerome Everson 
  • Vincent Fecteau 
  • Andrea Fraser 
  • LaToya Ruby Frazier 
  • Vincent Gallo 
  • K8 Hardy 
  • Richard Hawkins 
  • Werner Herzog 
  • Jerome Hiler 
  • Matt Hoyt 
  • Dawn Kasper 
  • Mike Kelley 
  • John Kelsey 
  • John Knight 
  • Jutta Koether 
  • George Kuchar 
  • Laida Lertxundi 
  • Kate Levant 
  • Sam Lewitt 
  • Joanna Malinowska 
  • Andrew Masullo 
  • Nick Mauss 
  • Richard Maxwell 
  • Sarah Michelson 
  • Alicia Hall Moran and Jason Moran 
  • Laura Poitras 
  • Matt Porterfield 
  • Luther Price 
  • Lucy Raven 
  • The Red Krayola 
  • Kelly Reichardt 
  • Elaine Reichek 
  • Michael Robinson 
  • Georgia Sagri 
  • Michael E. Smith 
  • Tom Thayer 
  • Wu Tsang
  • Oscar Tuazon 
  • Frederick Wiseman

Posted on December 27th 2011 on 12:54pm

Monday 19th December 20112011: A Year in Review for Gallereo

As the end of 2011 fast approaches, and people turn their focus to Christmas festivities and the New Year celebrations to follow, we wanted to take time out of our daily routine to show you some of the fantastic artwork that has passed through the world of Gallereo this year. 
The end of 2011 marks the end of Gallereo's first fully fledged year helping to create websites for artists. We're pleased with how things have progressed this year, and are excited about the things that are in store for 2012. 
That being said, we wouldn't have made it this far without the support, creativity and all-round wonderfulness of each and every one of you, so Merry Christmas and a huge thank you!
Here are just a few of the artists, photographers, illustrators, printmakers and sculptors that we've had the pleasure of coming into contact with in 2011:
Alysia Anne
Twitter @limnides
Picture: "Fractures" Multiple exposure photograph
New Jersey-born, Alysia Anne, creates intricate photographs that explore form and space through use of overlaying, and repeatedly exposing urban landscapes and man-made structures. Her choice of subject matter and compostional flair make her multiple-exposure works nothing short of a treat.
Arctoa / Darren Shields 
Picture: "Network"
Working under the alias arctoa, Darren Shields specialises in abstractions of photography, taking otherwise mundane objects and moments, and calling attention to their form and being. A great use of focus and blurring gives his images a great deal of depth and texture. 
Chris Smith
Picture: "Flag of Painting"
Chris Smith joined Gallereo early on in 2011, and we've been taken with his painting all year. Having just finished his MFA at the University of Leeds, Chris produces wonderfully coloured and wonderfully composed paintings that really revel in the medium. Be sure to take a look.
Dan Wrightson
Twitter: @danwrightson
Picture: Siena from San Domenico 
Dan Wrightson is a seriously talented watercolorist who first trained as an artist in Florence, before applying his skill set to architecture in Cambridge and Sheffield. He captures beautifully detailed scenes of the likes of Rome, Florence, London and Sena, and anywhere else that his travels take him.
Aston Art
Picture by Time Wallace
Aston Art is part of the Aston Workshop, which specialises in all things Aston Martin. The Aston Art website showcases the photographic works of Tim Wallace, who captures this timeless brand in all its glory.
Harry Atkinson
Twitter: @Harry_Atkinson
Picture: "Intervention" Long exposure photography
Harry Atkinson is a photographer currently pursuing a journalistic path. In creating his Gallereo website he has shown a lot of creative flair, and has some wonderfully contemporary images to boot. Being able to mix contemporary imagery with contemporary, newsworthy affairs should see Harry make a success in his current pursuits. 
Marion Kuit
Picture: "December"
Marion Kuit is a printmaker based in Kendal, in the Lake District. She draws on biological and geological forms to produce wonderful linocuts, etchings and screenprints. A lot of her work is dark and edgy, making great use of line, composition and lighting to enhance her subject matter.
Sarah Francis Photography
Picture: "How I Made Me, Self Portrait with Legs"
Sarah Francis creates photographic worlds steeped in ideas of reality and representation, reinterpreting the facts and fictions of her past. Her self-referential imagery often looks, on the one hand, spontaneous and surreal, yet her stage is very often carefully composed, as those in the best stories always are.
Richard Seymour
Twitter: @richardseymour
Picture: "Hanger 2"
Richard Seymour has astounded us with he collection of stark, graphic, and at times futuristic photography. Being a successful photographer in the world of design and advertising means that Richard gets access to some amazing locations, something that is clearly reflected on his website.
Suzie Banks
Picture: "Lychees"
Suzie Banks is a talented photographer whose passion and focus lies with food. After starting to publish recipes online, Suzie discovered that she enjoyed the process of creating the accompanying photographs as much as anything else.  And so her website at Gallereo was born to showcase her food-photography talents.
Hans Meertens
Picture: "Wooooosh"
Hans Meertens is an internationally known artist whose strong graphic and graffiti style aesthetic has won him representation and collectors all over the world. Based in The Netherlands, Meertens frequently shows his work in Amsterdam, New York, and Daugard in Denmark.
Nigel Painting
Twitter: @nigelpainting
Picture: "Notebook Tower: Summit"
Nigel Painting is based in Yorkshire and joined Gallereo on our art fair journey to both NewcastleGateshead and the Manchester Buy Art. His worked proved popular and delight to audiences in both Newcastle and Manchester. Nigel is concerned with the act of painting, rather than the object itself. As a result he produces beautiful paintings of otherwise unremarkable objects.
Ray Campbell 
Twitter: @RayCampbellart
Picture: North Shields Fish Quay
Another talented water-colour artist, Ray Campbell focuses on scenes of his native Northumberland. He has a wonderful story about how he got back to his love of art, and his website is is full of treasures for anyone with a love of seaside scenes and local cityscapes.
David Mayne
Picture: "Chariot"
Sculpture didn't make a fully fledged visit to Gallereo until towards the end of 2011, but boy are we glad that it finally got here. David Mayne is one of the top sculptors with a Gallereo website, and he splits his time between making bronze, steel and wooden works of art, and teaching others about the joys of sculpture as an art form. 
Anna Welsh
Twitter: @annalouisewelsh
Picure: "Cat and Mouse"
Anna Welsh is an artist focused on the art of illustration. Predominantly using collage as her medium, Anna produces textured images, full of narrative and character. Anna is also very interested in keeping her practice green, by dealing in reusable and recycled goods when making her illustrations. 
Ryan Fawcett
Picture: "Mike, Dirty Helmet"
From the cute and the cuddly of bears, owls and squirrels, we move onto the rough, ready and manly world of Ryan Fawcett. Ryan is an illustrator and designer who specialises in video game concept art and character design, and leans very much towards themes of modern and futuristic fantasy and warfare. 
Jasmine Roberts
Picture: "No one could ever love someone like you"
Jasmine Roberts is an artist based in the North East of England, and her particular talents lie in the medium of glass. Specialising in blown glass and engraving, Jasmine puts these skills into making fabulous glass creations that use form, text, light and space to wonderful effect. 
AleRT is Not A Gallery
Picture: "Psychedelic Urban Landscape" by Claudia Campus
AleRT is Not A Gallery is an arts project that was set up this year with bases in London, Venice and Los Angeles. They organise events, exhibitions and performances, and generally support artists to make work that engages with the modern age. They're always on the look out for new artists to work with, so take a look!
KJ Arts
Picture: "Garden in Winter"
KJ Arts, or John Dance as he is otherwise known, lives in North East England, and is heavily engaged with the scenery that surrounds him in the Northumberland country side, and the cityscapes of the Tyne & Wear estuaries. His paintings are expressive and painterly in their execution, and absolutely full of life.
These are just a few of the great artists that have crossed paths with Gallereo this year, imagine what we must have in store for 2012!

Posted on December 19th 2011 on 01:41pm

Thursday 15th December 2011Tracy Emin Made Professor of Drawing at the Royal Academy in London

Views have been split this week as it was announced that Tracy Emin was to become a Professor of Drawing at the Royal Academy in London. 
Emin is probably best known for her involvment with the Young British Artists, alongside the likes of Damien Hirst, Mat Collishaw, Sam Taylor-Wood and Sarah Lucas.  Her work typically comes in the form of installations, like the unmade bed, or neon slogans, rather than straightforward pencil to paper.
One of Emin's latest drawings, however, was produced for a poster for the 2012 London Olympics, and depicts two birds kissing under text that reads "You inspire me with Your determination And I love you."
Skepticism has arisen over the decision to make Emin a Professor of Drawing at the RA, as her artistic talents have been brought into question.  Painter Diana Armfield told The Times that she had seen what "I suppose are drawings" but that she "wouldn't have thought that her talents were that way." 
Drawings such as Emin's contribution to the postcard sale at the Royal College of Art earlier this year  (as pictured below) have added fuel to the fire of those questioning Emin's skills in the area of drawing, and whether she deserves such as position at the Royal Academy. 
What's more, this is the first time in the history of the Royal Academy that a woman has been allowed to become a professor. The academy was founded in 1768 through a personal act of King George III, and has been male dominated ever since. 
On BBC News, Emin was quoted as having said "I'm really excited to be teaching again after so many years…I hope that I can add something constructive to the Royal Academy Schools." 
Alongside Emin, Fiona Rae was also appointed Professor of Painting, and Richard Wilson was made Professor of Sculpture. 
One of Emin's drawings, XXX, featured in a postcard sale at the Royal
College of Art this year, and above, her entry for one of the
2012 Olympic posters.

Posted on December 15th 2011 on 02:23pm

Friday 09th December 2011Featured Sculptors Website: David Mayne

The focus of this weeks feature is Sculptor, David Mayne. We are starting to see a lot of exciting sculptors and sculptural artwork on the scene at Gallereo, and hope that we can share that with you. We thought that David's work would be a good place to start. 
As a practising sculptor, David not only makes fantastic works in bronze, steel and wood, but he spends a great deal of time involved in education work surrounding sculpture in both school and community settings. David puts a great deal of effort into projects that both introduce children to the world of sculpture, but also in helping those who teach them on a day-to-day basis understand more about sculpture, and how that can be used throughout a childrens education. 
While working with electric welders, and heavy duty power tools in his own studio to create his bronze, steel and wooden sculptures, David adjusts his practise when working with children to include more easily-obtainable materials, that are far easier to work with in that environment. 
Besides his own work, and the work that he does in educating others, David has also worked on a number of public art projects across the UK. He has created everything from decorative gates and railings to larger landmark sculptures, with commissions coming from Local Authorities, Charities and Corporate clients. 
David has a full range of work available to view on his website and is available for commissions. A lot of time, effort and attention to detail clearly goes into David's sculptures and we look forward to seeing any new work that pops up on the site in the future.

Posted on December 09th 2011 on 11:32am

Monday 05th December 2011Klaus Pichler Lets the Skeletons Out of the Closet

It's been a while since we posted about an interesting art or photography project that we've come across on our travels through cyber space and the media, but just last week we came across something that made us smile and captured the imagination. For that reason, we thought that we would share the work of Klaus Pichler with you all. 
We were first alerted to the work, by the It's Nice That blog, of which we are unashamedly long term fans. 
Pichler was born in 1977, and now lives and works in Vienna, Austria. He is a photographer with both an eye for a good shot, and also a keen sense of humour. His CV reads "Klaus Pichler has had no photographic education at all and he likes it this way."
The project that really caught our eye is titled "Skeletons in the Closet" and is the product of Pichler being allowed to spend three years with behind the scenes access to the Museum of Natural History in Vienna. Pichler spent the time exploring the stock of taxidermied goodies, art and artefacts that lay about the rooms, corridors and labs of the museum. This has culminated in a body of work that is not only a record of things that the public rarely gets to see, but also a wonderfully entertaining look at some of the worlds best loved objects and creatures, entirely out of context.  The shark, for example, is terrifyingly wonderful.
For your viewing pleasure, here are some of the colourful creations of Klaus Pichler:

Posted on December 05th 2011 on 12:46pm

Thursday 01st December 2011Olafur Eliasson Creates Exciting New Architecture in the City of Vejle

Visualisation of KIRK KAPITAL A/S Headquarters and Harbour Island, Vejle, Denmark © Olafur Eliasson.
The cogs of creativity have been turning at Studio Olafur Eliasson, for a new project which is to grace the waterways around the Danish city of Vejle. 
The Studio has been working in partnership with Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter and Vogt Landscape Architects, on a plan for the new headquarters for KIRK KAPITAL A/S. The new development will be part of Vejle's Harbour Island which acts as a connection between the centre of Vejle and the Vejle Fjord. 
The KIRK KAPITCAL A/S headquarters will contain a ground floor cafe and exhibition space which will be open to the public, as well as commercial leases on the upper floors. 
The building is not expected to be completed until 2016, but fans of Olafur Eliasson and the residents of Vejle will no doubt eagerly await its arrival. 
Eliasson has been quoted about the project as saying: "To me designing a house is like conceiving an exhibition. In a museum my work not only involves the placement of the artworks. It also includes taking the surrounding spaces - with which the artworks converse - into consideration."

Posted on December 01st 2011 on 11:46am

Wednesday 23rd November 2011The Art of Collecting Goes Digital

Image from s[edition]
If someone said that they would sell you a Damien Hirst for around £7.50 ($11.80) or a Tracy Emin for about the same price, you would be forgiven for claiming the idea to be preposterous, and not to trust whoever it was that you were talking to. 
Thanks to a new online platform called s[edition], the above price for a Hirst or an Emin, is about right. 
s[edition] is a new business venture, brought to us by Haunch of Venison founder, Harry Blain and Robert Norton, the former CEO of Saatchi Online.  They plan to revolutionise the way we think about collecting and the way that we consider the idea of art and ownership. 
Through s[edition], art lovers can buy and download digital art by some of the worlds leading artists. With prices ranging from £5 to £500 ($7.80 to $780), you can get your hands on works by the likes of Hirst, Emin, Matt Collishaw and Isaac Julian. The digital artwork has been released in editions of 2,000, 5,000 and 10,000, and have been created specifically for s[edition]. 
Anyone who purchases one of these works of art will receive a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and someone from s[edition], and will be able to enjoy their work of art on any device that can be connected to the internet. 
Beyond acting as a dealer of these digital artworks, s[edition] will also be a platform  for people to receive updates about the artists displayed on the site, including when new publications are available, and when new shows come round at museums and galleries. 

Posted on November 23rd 2011 on 03:33pm

Friday 18th November 2011Featured Photographers Website: Richard Seymour, Fine Art Prints

Fans of photography, contemporary design, flash cars and cityscapes from cool and edgy action movies, will love the work of Richard Seymour.
Working in the world of design and advertising ensures that Richard has access to some of the most spectacular and unique locations across the world. This fact lends itself to Richard being able to product some truly stunning photographs, which are now on sale on his new photography website.
In 2010, Richard entered the winning photograph at the Association of Photographers Open Awards, and was a finalist in the 4th Annual Photography Masters Cup for Bikes over Paris, in the advertising category. 
Split into categories of Metropolis, Shadow, White, Spaceport, Automotive and Special Collection, Richards work strikes a futuristic, and even dystopian chord at times. His juxtaposition of form, sensitivity to light, and colour and appreciation of symmetry make his images a truly rare pleasure.

Posted on November 18th 2011 on 08:45pm

Friday 18th November 2011Google Doodle Pays Homage to Louis Daguerre

If you're a photographer, then whether you know it or not, you owe a great deal to Frenchman Louis Daguerre, so it's a good job that Google have chosen to celebrate Daguerre's 224th birthday with this entertaining Google Doodle.
Daguerre was a French physicist who created the first successful form of permanent photography, in conjunction with Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, back in 1826. Niépce had been experimenting with the fact that silver carbonate or silver chloride and a chalk mixture darkened under the exposure to light, with the pair refining the process to build towards using it to produce photographs.
Daguerre's experiments led him to expose silver-coated copper plates to iodine, producing silver iodide. He then exposed the plates to light for several minutes, then coated the plate with mercury vapour and heated to 75oC before finally fixing the image permanently to the plate with salt water. This was the first form of permanent photography, called a Daguerreotype. 
The Daguerreotype was presented to the French Academy of Sciences in 1839, following years of experimentation with the medium to perfect the process.  At this point however, the image on the plate was still in reverse from the image that it captured, the image needed to be viewed from an angle due to its shininess, and it had to be protected from destructive fingerprints and the air in a glass fronted box. 
Nevertheless, photography had its foundations, and generations of photographers would take this basis and build on the medium, making it, what it is today.

Posted on November 18th 2011 on 01:24pm
Labels: photography

Thursday 17th November 2011A New Museum to Boost the Dubai Art Scene

Perhaps Dubai isn't one of the first places that you would mention, if asked to list places with a strong art scene, but that looks like it is set to change in the very near future. 
With a rapidly developing art scene, Dubai will now see a brand new museum that is set to strengthen its place on the artworld map.
The Salsali Private Museum (SPM) will open to the public on the 13th November; the opening show, Show Off, being that of Mr. Ramin Salsali's own private collection. While museums that house the collections of individuals are not uncommon, this will be the first museum of its kind in Dubai. 
The museum is set to be a place where new and established collectors can gather to discuss their collections and how they are building up their own taste in art. The museum will also have a section that offers other art collectors the chance to showcase their own collections to the general public. 
Ramin Salsali's collection contains over 300 works of art by both artists rooted in the Middle East, like Sara Rahbar, Ala Dehgan, Ave Fereydoun, Mona Hatoum and Shirin Neshat, but also more internationally known artists such as Niki de Saint Phalle, Erwin Olaf, Meret Oppenheim and Daniel Richter.
Salsali hopes that the museum will act as a platform to educate people about the Middle Eastern art world and share his passion for art, something which is had already been honoured for by the the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Patrons of the Arts Awards.

Posted on November 17th 2011 on 11:30am
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