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Saturday 30th July 2011Gallereo Artist Alongside Damien Hirst, Gary Hume and Sir Peter Blake

At Gallereo, we love to hear how our users are getting on, not just with their artist websites, but also in their wider creative activities. 
Very recently we heard from Marion Kuit, who was one of our earliest adopters, and she has just been selected to be exhibited in London, alongside some other very well known British artists; Damien Hirst, Gary Hume and Sir Peter Blake. 
Marion was selected from 1,350 entrants to exhibit in the a brand new printmaking show this summer, to be held at the Mall Galleries, on The Mall in London.  The show, which will be titled BITE: Artists Making Prints, is intended to give more prominence to the medium of original printmaking, something which Gallereo is all for. 
Marion would have, undoubtedly, been up against some very tough competition for this brilliant exhibition opportunity, and her work has been judged and selected by a very notable panel of judges. 
Chris Orr is a Royal Academician and ex-Professor of Printmaking at the Royal College of Art, 
Barton Hargreaves is the Royal Academy Schools Epson Print Research Fellow, 
Richard Noyce is the Curator of the 4th International Print Exhibition in Istanbul 2011, 
Brad Faine is Managing Director of Coriander Studio,
Paul Coldwell is Professor at CCW, University of Arts, London.
The exhibition will run from 24th August to 3rd September 2011, open 10am - 5pm daily. 
More information can be found on the Mall Galleries website
We wish Marion lots of luck for the show, this really is a great opportunity

Posted on July 30th 2011 on 05:04pm

Friday 29th July 2011Kindle Winner Announcement!

For the past month we have been running a Kindle giveaway.  We asked people if they would post about Gallereo on their blog, Facebook or Twitter, to help us get the word out about who we are, what we do, and what we're like to work with. In return, each post would act as an entry towards winning a Kindle. 
We had an outstanding response to this giveaway, which has really made us all warm and tingly inside!  So thank you to everybody who entered this month. 
Today we're happy to announce that the winner of the Kindle is:
We generated the winner by assigning all entrants with a number as the entries came in. We then asked the random number generator at to pick a number from our sequence, and boom, Alysia Anne became our lucky July winner!
Alysia Anne is a New Jersey (USA), born artist, who currently lives and studies in the North East of England.  She works in the mediums of paint, photography and print, and her work can be seen on her artist website, which was created earlier this year on Gallereo. 
As well as producing great artwork, Alysia Anne also blogs under the title, Radio Static.  Right at the start of the competition, back in June, Alysia wrote a wonderful blog post about her personal experience with Gallereo.
Everyone here at Gallereo would like to extend a personal thank you to Aysia, and we really hope that you enjoy your brand new Kindle! 
For those that missed out this month, we are running the offer again throughout August and September, so we'll clear out our database of entrants, and we will start accepting new blog posts, Facebook posts, or Tweets about Gallereo until Wednesday 31st August, when a new winner will be drawn. 
For full instructions on what you have to do to enter, take a look at our original, Win A Kindle blog post.
Emma McMillan

Posted on July 29th 2011 on 02:00pm

Tuesday 26th July 20112 Days Left to Win A Kindle!

For those who weren't aware, Gallereo has been running a competition, offering you the chance to win a Kindle!
We are going to announce the winner of the Kindle on our blog on the 29th July at 2pm (GMT), and also via email to the winner directly. 
That means that you still have 2 days, 20 hours and 19 minutes to enter into the draw, and head into the weekend as the owner of a brand new Kindle!
Just to clarify the terms of the draw. The potential winner must write either:
- A blog post about Gallereo
- A Twitter post about us
- A Facebook post about us
All of the above must link through to us and you must email us and tell us about it to qualify. 
You can read more about why we started the competition in our original Win A Kindle blog post. 
There's still time! We look forward to hearing from you, and good luck to everyone that has already entered. 

Posted on July 26th 2011 on 05:41pm

Saturday 16th July 2011New Help Sheets for Your Gallereo Artist Website

If you ever find that you need some help with your Gallereo artist website, or you're not too sure how best to set up shipping, or what to make of the orders module. Fear not, we have just completely re-designed our help sheets to make sure that you can find the information that you need easily. 
We currently have 4 short help sheets to cover the most important aspects of using your Gallereo website, and all of these can be found on our help and support page. Those 4 are:
  • Adding Artwork
  • Configuring Your Website
  • Orders & Payments
  • Shipping
We also have a full Gallereo manual on the help and support page, which covers everything about your website. We are still working on the manual to make it look better, read better and be as helpful as possible for you, so please bear with us on that. 
Aside from the help and support page, we also have a good range of frequently asked questions that can offer useful help, tips and advice, at every stage of setting up and using your artist website. 

Posted on July 16th 2011 on 03:31pm

Saturday 16th July 2011The Art Dossier: Contemporary Art News, Worldwide

I would like to take the time to tell you about a fantastic art news service operating in New York City. 
I'd like to introduce you to The Art Dossier.  The Art Dossier is a premier online source of contemporary art news, and a free newsletter that goes out to an ever increasing database of international readers.
For anyone interested in contemporary art, exhibition news, curatorial projects, collector information and breaking art market news, The Art Dossier is a great resource to be subscribed to. 
Aside from general contemporary art news, The Art Dossier is also responsible for sending out information of invite-only events, meaning that, if you sign up for the free newsletter, you are able to access lots of fantastic events and opportunities courtesy of The Art Dossier.
Another aspect of what The Art Dossier does, is offer a rotating selection of limited editions, and original works of art for sale. They work closely with various artists and designers across the world, offering them a unique, 'solo-exhibition' style appearance on The Art Dossier website. 
Currently you can see artist Steven Rojas on The Art Dossier's Market. As the summer star of The Market, Rojas is a native New Yorker who has developed a keen interest in digital art. The work that is for sale is a limited edition of screen prints in the form of a QR code, which not only looks great, but also acts as a means to encourage interaction between the viewer and the work.  If you have a smart phone that allows QR scanning, you can scan the works, and be led to one of a three-piece invitation to Internet Week. 
If you want to be kept up to date with all of the news and happenings on the contemporary art scene, then sign up to The Art Dossier newsletter, or drop by their website to find out more, and view the work that they have been doing so far. 

Posted on July 16th 2011 on 01:45pm
Labels: art news

Friday 15th July 2011Featured Artist Website: Ryan Fawcett, Illustrator and Designer

Our featured site this week showcases the work of Illustrator and Designer, Ryan Fawcett. 
Dirty Mike, Ryan Fawcett
Ryan recently graduated, having specialised in video game concept art and character illustration, which features heavily throughout his website.  Ryan's focus tends to be on fantasy designs, and narrative driven concepts that include both environment design and character implementation.
While accomplished in computer driven design packages like Photoshop and InDesign, Ryan also relies on traditional methods of illustration; working with inks and Copic Markers and paints to bring his landscapes and models to life. 
Ryan's illustrations and concept work will be a big hit for gamers and appreciators of deisgn and illustration alike. With influences ranging from the sculpture and drawings of Alberto Giacometti, through to the Japanese art of Yoji Shinkawa, there is a strong graphic appeal to Ryan's work, and a good attention to texture and the layering of colour and form. 
To enjoy what Ryan has been working on, visit his website, where you can also contact him if you are interested in any of his work. 

Posted on July 15th 2011 on 11:01am
Labels: illustration

Sunday 10th July 2011TEDGlobal 2011 - An Event that Looks at The Stuff of Life

What is life? And how can it be lived better?  These are questions that we ask ourselves as human being, and they are also questions that are going to be dealt with at TEDGlobal 2011, which starts tomorrow, and runs for 4 days in the glorious city of Edinburgh.
TED is a non-profit organisation devoted to "Ideas Worth Spreading".  It started in 1984 as a conference, bringing together three sectors - Technology, Enterainment and Design. Through these sectors, TED explores the power that ideas and innovations have to change our attitudes, our lives, and ultimately our world as a whole. 
TEDGlobal is an annual conference, held each year in Edinburgh in the UK. This years conference is titled The Stuff of Life and will see over 50 guest speakers and performers from around the world, who will explore this years theme in their own specific way. 
There are some tremendous names amongst the participants this year, all from different backgrounds and professions. Those include; filmmaker Julie Bacha, architect Shohei Shigematsu, artist Joe Castillo, cybersecurity expert Mikko Hypponen, artist Jae Rhim Lee, actress Thandie Newton, the Vertigo dance company, philosopher Alain de Botton and artist Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg. A full list of speakers, events and subjects can be viewed on the TEDGlobal website
Edinburgh will no doubt be a wonderful location for what is scheduled to be an important and enjoyable event. With 18-minute talks, music, comedy, technology demos, video interludes and many other events, the TEDGlobal experience will be well worth the trip. 

Posted on July 10th 2011 on 04:54pm

Saturday 09th July 2011Gallereo is Going to the NewcastleGateshead Art Fair 2011

I am very excited to be able to announce that Gallereo will be attending this years NewcastleGateshead Art Fair.  
Gallereo was created from my passion of art, and a desire to be able to help artists to promote their work, and further their careers, no matter what their background, means or ambitions. Gallereo formed as a website builder for artists and photographers, and this part of what we do is going very strong at the moment. We have some absolutely wonderful artists on board, who are creating interesting and diverse works of art, that are showcased on some very nice websites. 
With the website builder going strong, I have been able to look at ways of helping artists offline as well as online. Gallereo's stand at the NewcastleGateshead Art Fair will be the first time that we are able to offer artists a chance to exhibit their work offline, to a wide audience and collector base. 
As this is the first time that we will be attending such an event, we thought it only right that we offer the exhibition opportunity to the earliest adopters of Gallereo, who have stuck by us as we've grown and developed. 
So, we will be proud to showcase the works of Hans Meertens, Mark Jessett, Marion Kuit, Ben Quail and David Waters at the fair. 
The NewcastleGateshead Art Fair will take place from the 29th September, to the 2nd October at The Sage Gateshead. Information about visiting the event, the artists that we are showing and our future plans for Gallereo Exhibitions, can be seen on our Exhibitions website
I hope that this is just the beginning for Gallereo Exhibitions, and that we will have many more exhibitions opportunities to offer to members of the Gallereo network, in the not too distant future. 
Thank you to everybody for the support, and I hope to see you at the fair. 
Emma McMillan

Posted on July 09th 2011 on 01:06pm

Friday 08th July 2011Featured Photography Website: Aston Art

This week we have a rather special website to bring you for our Featured Friday presentation. 
Gallereo are proud to announce the launch of a brand new website for Aston Art. Aston Art is an extension of North East-based business, The Aston Workshop.  The Aston Workshop is an incredibly successful company that deals in the sale, restoration and enhancement of Aston Martin cars. 
The Aston Workshop is a world leader in the work that it does, and is certainly the place to go if you're interested in anything related to Aston Martin.  Aston Art is a branch of the Aston Workshop, specialising in the sale of works of art relating to the cars, and lifestyle, associated with this famous brand. James Bond fans, you're in for a treat! 
The site currently features the photographic works of Tim Wallace who has long been involved with the Aston Martin brand, creating stunning collections of photographic prints that have earned him a reputation as a leading automotive photographer, and awards such as Advertising Photographer of the Year, 2010. 
Aston Art had already established itself as a commercially successful business before moving their site over to Gallereo. We are really glad to have Aston Art onboard and look forward to seeing even more fantastic works as they build on their collection over the coming months.
Visit Aston Art to view their range of photographic prints showcasing such legendary cars as the DB4, DB5, DB6, Vanquish, V8 Vantage and One-77. 

Posted on July 08th 2011 on 12:25pm

Thursday 07th July 2011Win A Kindle - The Draw Will Be Announced On 29th July!

We have had some excellent responses to our shameless request for people to help promote Gallereo a little bit, to be in with the chance of winning a Kindle.
Just as a bit of a re-cap, we are a very small team here at Gallereo, with a tiny marketing budget, however we think we've got something good here that is worth promoting. There are some very talented artists building websites with us, and we want the world to hear about them!
That being the case, we would appreciate as much help as possible in spreading the word about Gallereo. We would be grateful for a Facebook post, Tweet or blog post about us, with a link back to Gallereo (please let us know you've done it to make sure we include you!). 
In return for your efforts, we are offering you the chance to win a Kindle
The first draw that we will make is going to be on the 29th July 2011.  There will be 2 further draws, one at the end of August, and one at the end of September, for further posts made in those months. 
We will announce the winner on our blog, Facebook and Twitter, and of course inform the winner directly. If you've done your bit to help us out, we're keeping our fingers crossed for you. 
We'll be in touch on the 29th!

Posted on July 07th 2011 on 05:56pm
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