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Monday 26th September 2011Gallereo at the NewcastleGateshead Art Fair 2011

This week is a big week for Gallereo; we are making our first official venture out into the world of exhibiting, by showcasing the works of some of the Gallereo artists at the 2011 NewcastleGateshead Art Fair.
The fair kicks off with an invitation only preview night on Thursday 28th September, and then runs through until the 2nd October. 
We are going to be on Stand P4 where we will have some fantastic examples of printmaking, painting, drawing and photography from artists who have previously created a website with our artist website builder.
We will also have a computer set up in case anyone wants to give Gallereo a go, would like a live demonstration or even if you just want to ask us some questions, we'd be more than happy to have a chat with you. 
To get your online creative juices flowing, here are examples of the websites of the artists from this years fair:

Posted on September 26th 2011 on 02:53pm
Labels: art fairs

Saturday 17th September 2011Cumbrian Artist Open Studios - Try Something Different this September

If you're looking for something a little different to do this September, why not take a look at the C-Art event taking place in Cumbria!
C-Art is a huge open studio event held in the Lake District. It opens the doors to around 100 artists studios across the county, giving the public a chance to see the artists at work, to ask questions and purchase works from the artists themselves. 
There will be a wide variety of practices on show, including ceramics, printmaking, photography, painting and carpentry and if you were to tour the whole event you would be able to take in some seriously astounding countryside as well. 
Different studios are open on different days, depending on the artist's availability, so check the C-Art website where you can find a calendar and a map to organise your whole trip. 
You should also keep your eye out for any Gallereo members, and make sure to pay them a special visit! 

Posted on September 17th 2011 on 07:49pm

Wednesday 14th September 2011The Game - From the Tate and The National Galleries of Scotland

A brand new game has been designed a launched for the Tate and the National Galleries of Scotland, by Bristol based creative agency Thought Den
Artists Room: The Game is designed to get people involved, and thinking about what goes into creating exhibitions in the museum space. 
The game starts by prompting you to choose a team of people to help you create your artist room. You start with a limited budget for hiring so you have to think smart. Your teams strength and experience can help boost your game score, and the more team members you have, the higher your score multiplier. 
In choosing your team, you have to pick 4 types of team member, and for each type you can choose to have 1 member, 3 members or 5 members. You have to choose someone for each of the following; Interpretation, Preservation, Technical and Marketing. With such a small budget you have to balance the numbers on your team wisely.
Once you've chosen your team, you then have to pick an artist that you'd like to exhibit in your room. We went for Ed Ruscha (big fans) and then were asked to pick 5 works from a given selection. 
Once you're room is set up, with your artworks hanging proudly, you're then ready to play the game. You have to go through the 4 areas of Interpretation, Preservation, Technical and Marketing, performing different tasks.
For interpretation, you are taken to a work in the room, and asked questions about the work, and the artist in general. Answering correctly increases your score. 
For Preservation, you are taken to another work, and given a set of skill games, following the onscreen instructions to add more to your score.
For Technical we are told how important lighting is to making the artwork look good, and keeping it safe. Then there is another skill game for getting the lighting right to score more points.
For Marketing you are given scenes with various types of people pictured. You have to decide, based on what they're wearing or holding, what sort of marketing or media would get their attention. You have a choice of social media, print media or television and radio. You have to click on each person and assign the right media to admit them to your show.
At the end, your score is added up, and people come to visit your exhibition.  You can then post your scores online or try again to see if you can score higher with another artist. 
All in all an engaging game, full of useful information about the artist and the roles of museum staff, as well as helping you to think about what goes into building an exhibition.

Posted on September 14th 2011 on 05:58pm

Tuesday 13th September 2011Pop Art Legend - Richard Hamilton - Has Died at 89

Richard Hamilton was undoubtedly one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. His most notable position perhaps being that of the leader of the first wave of Pop Art, which spring up in Britain in the 1950's before spreading, and taking on a new lease of life with the likes of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein in the US.
Sadly, Hamilton has died, aged 89. 
In 1956, Hamilton created what is now an iconic work of art; his collage entitled Just What is it that Makes Today's Homes So Different, So Appealing?. This work made waves as a modern comment on consumer society and Capitalism in all of its gaudy glory. This iconic work said everything that was to be said about Pop culture, and became a starting point from which other Pop Art heros would emerge. 
When Hamilton created this Pop collage, he was living amidst the aftermath of World War II in Britain. The economic slump and austerity measures that were bearing down on the British public often meant that his Pop imagery was more of a Pop dream than a reality.  It was a utopian ideal where everything was big, shiny, smooth and beautiful. 
Richard Hamilton was a thoughtful, provocative and experimental artist who drove new ideas through the art market, and who has perhaps not been given enough credit as a leading figure of British art. 
As was poignantly said by Jonathan Jones in The Guardian today:  "Richard Hamilton saw our future coming: He even designed a computer as a readymade artwork in the early days of digital. He saw and accepted the way technology changes the human condition. Yet he cared about, and fought for, the human ghost in the machine. That is what makes him a great artist."

Posted on September 13th 2011 on 05:23pm

Friday 09th September 2011Learning to Appreciate the Art of Printmaking

Prints and printmaking can by something of a mystery, especially to those new to the medium, and to buyers and collectors of fine art. Often, the mistake is made in thinking of prints as simple copies of paintings, or second rate works of art, but this is far from the truth. 
Original prints are, in themselves, a rich and varied medium where artists and printmakers have put a great deal of time, effort and technical know-how into creating works of art that are unique (yes, unique!), tactile and rich in subject matter. 
Gallereo is going to be showing at the NewcastleGateshead Art Fair at the end of this month, and we were glad to hear that, in conjunction with the Contemporary Art Society, they are going to deliver a programme of talks and discussions based on a theme of "Collecting Prints and Editions". Especially as we have a number of printmakers on show this year, including Marion Kui and Ben Quail, as well as having some prints from Dutch artist Hans Meertens.  
The Contemporary Art Society and the NG Art Fair hope to raise awareness of prints as a collectable medium and as a way for beginners to start to build a notable collection on a smaller budget, given that prints are generally more conservatively priced than paintings. 
A big part of the talks will be to reduce the stigma placed upon prints that puts them as second rate to paintings or sculptures. The art fair press on the matter makes a great point that prints often do play a part in an artists career at some point as they seek to express themselves, but also that some artists have built an entire career out of printmaking. Notable names on that list would include Bridget Riley, Richard Hamilton, Damien Hirst, Grayson Perry and of course, Andy Warhol. 
As well as looking at the collecting side of things, there will also be talks that focus on the different types of print that you might come across such as linocuts, etchings, and screen prints. Each type of print has its own identifying qualities and make the world of printmaking hugely varied. 
If you're interested in prints, or want to find out more, the NewcastleGateshead Art Fair is providing a good opportunity to get involved, and even add to your collection.
We're going to be at stand P4 where you'll be able to see a selection of etchings, linocuts and screen prints, and (if you're there on Thursday 29th) you'll be able to speak to the printmakers themselves. 
All images are courtesy of Marion Kuit, and feature snippets of her prints.

Posted on September 09th 2011 on 05:45pm

Saturday 03rd September 2011New Works Exclusive to Gallereo for the NewcastleGateshead Art Fair

With only 3 and half weeks left to go before the NewcastleGateshead Art Fair takes place at The Sage Gateshead, we are working hard to get everything ready for what will be Gallereo's official exhibition debut. 
Every week we are collecting new artworks for the fair as we finalise things with the artists that we are working with for the event. 
This past couple of weeks have been very exciting for us as we have received and framed 3 new works from Dutch artist, Hans Meertens, and 2 new works from British artist, Nigel Painting. 
Hans Meertens has shown in galleries all around the world, seeing success in places such as Amsterdam, Berlin and New York. As a young Dutch artist, he is still making terrific strides in his career, having this year been included in Art Paris and Art Chicago, as well as getting ready for new shows later in the year in Denmark and New York.
The NewcastleGateshead Art Fair will mark the first exhibition of Hans' work in the UK, and for the occasion, he has created 3 brand new works. 
Watch Dogs: Noble Rescue I, II, III are mixed media works on card that are typical of Hans' graphic style. Linked to the comic book super hero, but steeped in criticism of modern society, these works have a strong message, as well as a strong visual appeal. 
Nigel Painting is also new to the exhibition scene here in the UK, and who also produces extremely strong graphical works. 
As a painter, Nigel is thoughtful and explorative in his approach to subject matter and composition. While his subject matter may sound mundane (think balled up paper, crate palettes and garden sheds) his execution is anything but. He brings life and character to objects that fall by the way side, as he strives to explore form, texture, space and our relationship with these everyday objects.
For the Art Fair, Nigel has provided artworks entitled Craft, and Palette/Raft (Noah), both of which are exemplary examples of his bold painterly style and colourful, textured approach to painting. 
We're convinced the Nigel will pick up a few new fans at this years fair. 
For more information about the NewcastleGateshead Art Fair, and our preparations, visit our Gallereo Exhibitions website.

Posted on September 03rd 2011 on 02:23pm
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