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Monday 30th May 2011Steve Martin Falls Victim to Art Fraud

Steve Martin, actor, comedian, and author of the art world narrative An Object of Beauty, has been hitting headlines again this week, but not for all of the right reasons. 
It has been reported that the passionate art lover and collector has been the victim of art fraud. Having bought what was considered to be an original painting by the German modernist artist Heinrich Campendonk, Martin was later to find out that the painting, which he bought for around 700,000 Euros, was actually a fake.
German police are said to believe that the painting is the work of a notorious gang of art forgers that may be responsible for defrauding the art world to the tune of around 34.1 million Euros since 2001. 
The four-person gang are reported to have concentrated on forging works by early 20th century artists who are both well known and sought after, managing to create around 44 fakes that have passed through the market in the past decade. 
These conmen were arrested and charged, bringing an end to their production of faked art works, and Martin was cleared of any wrong-doing, having had no knowledge of the elaborate ruse surrounding the sale of the work.  When he purchased the work in Paris, it came from a notable gallery, with authentication from an expert art historian, and with a very convincing provenance. 

Posted on May 30th 2011 on 05:06pm

Friday 27th May 2011New Featured Artist Website: Alastair Rech

That's right ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it's featured Friday once again (well, we've only just decided to make it featured Friday, but lets run with it), and this week we have another minimalist treat in store for you. 
Alastair Rech is as contemporary artist studying at Newcastle University in the UK. His practice is clean, clear and precise in it's focal point. 
Rech's work poses a lot of questions, both about the state of contemporary art, but also about the wider commercial world of design. We pay a lot of money for objects and works that we can view or utilise on a daily basis, but how arbitrary are the pricing structures attached to those, and how often do we fail to question them. 
Rech creates objects that are recognisable in form, and even use, but are built in such a way that it becomes difficult to understand why they exist in the first place. They're not polished enough to be considered of practical use, nor shoddy enough to fail in their designated purpose. 
As Rech states, "by experiencing doubt, the viewer becomes part of, and completes the work."
I'm sure there will be lots more to come from this thoughtful artist, so keep an eye on this artists website.

Posted on May 27th 2011 on 06:13pm

Tuesday 24th May 2011Gallereo Tip of the Week - Changing Your Website Title

When you build your Gallereo website you are able to choose a site title.
Along the road you might find that your career takes a change of direction, you change your name, or you would just like to change the name of your website. 
With Gallereo, that's not a problem. We've made it really easy for you to be able to change your website title at any time. 
All you have to do is go to the Configuration Menu and select Contact Information. 
In here there is a field called Website Title, and all that you need to do is add your new name here, and press save at the bottom of the page. 
Your site title will be changed, instantly, and you can now enjoy your new name.

Posted on May 24th 2011 on 03:43pm

Saturday 21st May 2011New Featured Artist Website: I Am John Dogsfield

This weeks featured site, is not the creation of just a single artist, but rather the accumulative work of a diverse group of artists working in Leeds in the UK.
In March this year, these artists came together under curator Nella Aarne, to hold an exhibition titled I Am John Dogsfield. The show was held in a converted terraced house; an interesting location that sees the convergence of a once domestic building in to an institutionalised space, with only hints of creature comforts left intact. 
While not motivated by this subtle cross-over, the exhibition was able to go someway to playing with the idea of fake domesticity and questioning ideas of form and function. 
The I Am John Dogsfield website gives a full description, layout and rundown of the exhibition, along with a gallery set out by room, and a page for each of the artists involved. 
Take a look at their fantastic site to find out more!

Posted on May 21st 2011 on 11:24am

Thursday 19th May 2011Wolfgang Tillmans Works Miracles

Is it possible for Lady Gaga to look like a normal human being? That is the question on many a persons mind these days. Generally, we would have said no, she's clearly been beamed down from another planet, and abandoned here, because her own race found her hard to  deal with on a daily basis as well. 
Personal comments aside, and much to our shock, evidence has emerged that goes some way to suggesting that Lady Gaga might be a normal human being after all. Of course, it has taken a world class talent to reveal the other side to Gaga.
Courtesy of Oh No They Didn't
Wolfgang Tillmans is a German photographer and artist, and is easily one of the most important and influential contemporary figures in the art world today. Perhaps most notably, in 2000, he was the first photographer, and first non-English artist to be awarded the Turner Prize. 
Tillmans has recently done a photoshoot for i-D Magazine, which features Lady Gaga looking as normal as possible. That is, if you're able to over look the shoes. The feature in the magazine is not about Gaga, but rather about the photographer himself, his attentiveness to the photographic medium and his insightful view of the world around us. 
The shoot easily proves that Tillmans is not scared of a challenge, and that it is wholly possible for Lady Gaga to be considered a normal human being…just. 

Posted on May 19th 2011 on 05:27pm

Monday 16th May 2011Gallereo Hits The Late Shows!

The gallereo gang took a walk around The Late Shows on Saturday night, and had a blast, so thought that we'd share that with you. 
The Late Shows is an after dark programme of events and exhibitions focusing on the great cultural venues that are dotted all over Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Gateshead in the North East of the UK.
Beginning in 2007, The Late Shows is now 5 years old, and every year gathers a larger audience for the one-off events that encourage visitors to take a fresh look at art, history and the creative spirit of the region. 
The organisers have done a great job in building up this event, starting with just 14 venues in 2007, they now have over 37 venues eager to be involved. They have even managed to get the CitySightseeing buses to offer visitors free transport between venues. 
This year, gallereo were particularly interested in the Highbridge Studios and Gallery, which have yet to officially open to the public. There has been a lot of time spent, and a lot of news written about this project, but despite it all, they're finally here and ready to use! 
There is already a very vibrant community of artists inhabiting the unique space that used to be warehouses and so it was great to be able to spend the time walking around and seeing how the space is starting to come to life.
On the night, there were creative workshops, drinks, music and special projects on show that created a really good atmosphere on Saturday night. This is definitely something we will keep an eye on, and hope that you do too. 

Posted on May 16th 2011 on 01:24pm

Thursday 12th May 2011New Featured Artist Website: Sarah Harrison

Sarah Harrison is an art student based in Leeds, UK. She has recently created a very nice gallery without walls on Gallereo, in order to house and display some of her latest and greatest creations. 
Working on the Nevinson template, Sarah has created an art gallery that really shows what a tactile and explorative artist she is. Prints, painting, collage and photographs litter the pages, coming together creating patchworks of texture and form. 
There's something about Sarah's work that makes you want to reach out and touch it. Her use of everyday materials make the work relatable, while the combinations, collections and compositions make the work endlessly interesting. 
Visit Sarah's website to view more of her work!

Posted on May 12th 2011 on 08:26pm

Monday 09th May 2011London Original Print Fair Shows that Prints are as Popular as Ever

The London Original Print Fair is the longest running print fair in the world, having appeared at the Royal Academy of Arts since 1985. The Fair was founded by Gordon Cooke, who remains the Chairman and is Director of the Fine Art Society, London.  Since 1987, the event has been organised by its Director, Helen Rosslyn, formerly a member of the Print department at Christie's. 
This years event, which was held in the second last week of April, saw record high visitor numbers, proving that the print market is as strong as ever. Over 1,000 guests attended the preview evening alone, which included VIPs such as Sir Peter Blake, Grayson Perry and Jim Broadbent. 
Notorious London print dealer, Frederick Mulder, had a special exhibition at the event this year, showing a collection of 40 portraits to mark 40 years in the print business. Reportedly he sold a number of Picasso linocuts for around £5,000 each, indicating that there's a great demand for the prints of the modern masters. 
A consistent highlight of the show is the range and diversity of the works available. Everything from Hogarth engravings through to prints right off the press from current London MFA students go on show, making the event perfect for collectors at any level. 
You can find more information on the London Original Print Far website, where you can also sign up to receive information for the show next year. 

Posted on May 09th 2011 on 08:13pm
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