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Art News and Updates from Gallereo

All the latest news from the art world, as well as what's happening here at Gallereo. If you've built a gallery at Gallereo, let us know about your experience and you and your site could feature in our blog in the coming weeks.

Saturday 05th June 2010Where will Gallereo be Next? The Berlin Biennale!!

That's right, this week Gallereo will be all over Berlin soaking up as much art and culture as possible...even though we're well aware that we'd need the rest of the year to take everything in.
The 6th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art will kick off on on the 11th June, and runs through until the 8th August so there's plenty of time to make your way around the various venues, from the KW institute of Contemporary Art, right across to the Alte Nationalgalerie on Museum Island.
Try and catch up with us if you can, we can thrash it out about the state of the contemporary art scene, or just indulge in some real German beer! If you're following us on Twitter we'll post our locations as we move about to give you a better chance of finding us :)
See you there!
PS. If you can't make it, be sure to pick up the reader - 6th Berlin Biennial for Contemporary Art. Reader

Posted on June 05th 2010 on 11:35am

Saturday 29th May 2010Feeling sociable?

If you are feeling sociable, we'd love to chat and stay in touch. Why not join us on facebook, twitter or LinkedIn?
Find out about special offers, updates and events and feel free to join in the conversation! 
Hope to see you there :)

Posted on May 29th 2010 on 01:41pm

Tuesday 18th May 2010What's on the Cards with the New UK Government?

Here in the UK we're all a flutter with speculation over what the new Conservative Government will have to offer, and how they're going to shape the country. In particular, we are interested in how the arts and culture scene is going to be hit.
Policies suggest that we're going to be looking at more focused funding with changes like bringing the National Lottery Fund back on track to be placing money in the right sort of places. 
What also makes for interesting reading is the way that funding organisations such as the Arts Council are going to have to tighten the administration budgets in order to optimise the amount of money that will actually be available for funding opportunities. How this will affect the organisations themselves remains to be seen.
It's early days, but it looks as though there are interesting times ahead.

Posted on May 18th 2010 on 07:50am

Thursday 29th April 2010Where is Gallereo this Week? The Lakes!

For a change of pace, this weekend Gallereo will be taking a brief trip to the Lake District, UK. 
Why not unwind and get away from big city life and join us at PrintFest 2010. This yearly celebration of print makers takes place in Ulverston and draws in crowds looking to see what's new and what's not on the print scene.
The 2010 print maker of the year has been awarded to Anja Percival, a decision that was made with help from Northern Print and Print Making Today magazine. So if you're not looking to track us down as we trawl the stands, definitely get along to admin Anja's etching and aquatint creations. 

Posted on April 29th 2010 on 01:10pm

Friday 23rd April 2010New Kid on the Gallereo Block

The young ones, no not to the tv show, but the real deal, are here to show Gallereo how it's done! 
The latest addition to Gallereo is A-Level student Rhys Taylor, who brings us Retro Graphic art. Creating stunningly cool black and white prints, using retro icons, Rhys already shows a lot of talent and creativity as he makes his way towards an Art Foundation course at Newcastle College. 
His TV series is making waves here at Gallereo HQ, but there's some nice stuff to choose from on his site, so take a gander.
This is just the start for Retro Graphic Art, so show your support and make sure you check back to see how Rhys is getting on and what his latest offerings are! 

Posted on April 23rd 2010 on 05:54pm

Monday 05th April 2010Where is Gallereo this Week? Amsterdam!

Gallereo is going Continental this week and making our mark on Amsterdam. The city of tulips may never be the same again. 
We will be hunting down some of the Netherlands finest offerings of art and photography, and forcing websites upon them...only joking, we're far too nice for that.....or are we?
A couple of things have caught our eye on the contemporary scene, not least the sculptural taxidermy of Les Deux Garçons. Check out Jaski Art Gallery for some regal displays of your favourite animals, we sure will.
Dawn Mellor will be showing at Galerie Gabriel Rolt and we'll be taking a peek at the opening reception on Saturday evening. Don't come if you're easily put off the hors d'oeuvres....
We will also be taking a trip to the Gorcums Museum in Gorinchem to see the Portraits of the 21st Century exhibition. This very old style museum has been making a name for itself in the Netherlands by devoting a floor of exhibition space to up and coming artists, with curator Piet Augustijn putting on shows that would be just as much at home in any of the more contemporary space in Amsterdam.
We're looking forward to seeing the work of Barbara Wijnveld and Hans Meertens, both of whom are sparking the interest of some of the countries more notable dealers and collectors. 

Posted on April 05th 2010 on 06:18pm
Labels: exhibitions

Sunday 14th March 2010Gallereo Teams Up With Digital Lab

After visiting the F-Stop Gallery in the Ouseburn last week, Gallereo is proud to announce that Digital Lab, owner of the F-Stop Gallery will be creating a project for photographers using Gallereo.
Digital Lab is a professional photo lab based in Newcastle upon Tyne that has been working with photographers since 1949, achieving award winning results with their work. Digital Lab work with everyone from top level professional photographers, right down to photography students who are just starting out. 
Along side their well respected lab business, Digital Lab have opened the F-Stop Gallery which is an accompanying exhibition space where they are able to hold shows for photographers that they work with. The gallery has proven extremely popular with the space booked out solidly for the rest of the year, with a new exhibition taking place each month. 
Digital Lab will be using Gallereo to create an online portal to compliment their exhibition schedule where each photographer will get dedicated online gallery space and the chance to show and sell their work to a worldwide audience. 
We are really pleased to be working with Digital Lab and F-Stop, and look forward to seeing the exciting things that they can pull together for their site. 
To watch their progress, visit their online gallery.

Posted on March 14th 2010 on 12:36pm

Monday 08th March 2010Where is Gallereo this Week? F-Stop, Opus & Waygood!

This week Gallereo is taking to the streets of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK in search of some hardcore art action.
What's on the cards? Plans are to make a stop by the F-Stop Gallery in the Ouseburn on Thursday night to take a look at their latest photography exhibition which is a showcase of New York photographs. From the looks of things, there are some very nice works to behold capturing some of New York's more off-beat moments.
After that it's a speedy (but safe!) drive over to Opus in Gosforth to take a look at the new prints by William Tillyer. Again, pre-exhibition images look impressive. Is it a watercolour? Is it a print? Is it a watercolour? Is it a print? 
The final stop off this week will be at the Waygood Studios on Shields Road. Anyone following the Waygood saga, as it shall henceforth be known, will know of how important it is to get down there and show a bit of support for the people on the receiving end...the artists.  Folks will be selling their art and artifacts between 2 and 5pm to make their move to the new studio space that little bit easier and to throw some cash at the heater until Spring decides to grace us with its presence.
It'll be more of a Gallereo overcoat than t-shirt this week I think...

Posted on March 08th 2010 on 09:04am

Saturday 06th February 2010Gallereo Soft Launch...

Hello again,
We have had a number of people test the Gallereo platform and give us some great feedback on what we can improve and how we can move forward.
Gallereo has now soft launched - full gallery websites can be built and customised to show your own work the way that you want to. We are soft launching with just one design template at the moment, but more are going to be added over the next few weeks. An inbuilt part of the system is that when the new templates are here, you can switch to whichever one you like with the click of a button!
We would be very grateful for any feedback that you have on the sitebuilder, so if you have a try, let us know what you think. We will keep you updated about the new templates, but in the meantime, enjoy!
The Gallereo Team

Posted on February 06th 2010 on 11:32am

Sunday 10th January 2010Where is Gallereo this Week? The London Art Fair!

Welcome to our new series of posts, which will appear  every now and again when a member of the Gallereo team has escaped the confines of the office is out and about, hitting the streets in the search of an arts and culture boost.  
If you're quick enough, you might catch us.....and if you do, you have an obligation to come over and say hello!   We're a rare breed, but you should be able to spot us with some sort of Gallereo adornment (the t-shirt is my favourite!)
For our first outing, as we flee the excitement of building towards our soft launch day, Gallereo will be at the London Art Fair.  In an unofficial capacity I might add.
We are looking forward to the Photo50 showcase of contemporary photography this year, with some very distinguished panelists bringing us an insight into the latest and greatest that the medium has to offer.
We hear that Mauger Modern of Bath will also be bringing along some interesting wares, so maybe look for us around their space, perusing the goods.
The London Art Fair previews on Tuesday night (12th) and runs through to Sunday 17th. 

Posted on January 10th 2010 on 11:23am
Labels: art fairs
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