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Websites for Artists

Gallereo is a purpose built website builder, for artists who need a professional looking gallery template on which to show, and/or sell, their artwork. 
We work with everyone from watercolour artists and oil painters, right through to sculptors and installation artists. We pride ourselves on the fact that Gallereo is flexible enough to offer websites that will suit any kind of artist.
If you want to get a feel for the sort of websites that have been created already, take a look through some of our featured artist websites
Let us also show you some examples here, and explain how it all works.

Getting Started With Your Artist Website

Firstly, we make signing up super easy. All you need to do is click this button whenever you see it:
Then fill in a few simple details like your email address, what you want to call your website and the URL you want to use for the time being. (You can link up your own domain later!)
Then you need to pick one of our mounting number of templates that will give your website its basic design. 
Don't worry if you're an indecisive person, you can alter all of these settings later on through your website admin, including your website name and template!
Click save and away we go!

Your New Artist Website

The system will now have built your website for you, and filled it with some example text pages and artwork so that you can see how it all looks and works. 
From there, you just need to start adding your own artwork for the world to see, and choosing the other types of pages that you would like to have on your website.
The amount of flexibility is incredible (if we do say so ourselves). As standard, you have access to a catalogue for your artwork so that you can sort them into galleries and so on, a blog, mailing list management, an ecommerce shopping cart, order and customer management, reports on how your site is doing and much more.
You can also create as many text pages as you like on your website, add as many artworks as you like, and add whatever content you want. The way that the content on your website looks, is only limited by your imagination and ability to manipulate a Word-type page editor. 

Looking Good!

As an artist, you want your website to look good, fit with your style of artwork and be accessible to the viewing public.  Your artist website can certainly fit this criteria with Gallereo, just take a look at some of these websites created by artists just like you!
If all of that isn't enough, you can add prices, and options to your artworks, and process payments through Paypal, Google Checkout, invoice, credit card, and much more.

What are you waiting for? :)

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