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"Tomb Raider: Lara Croft" (2018) - Negative moments of the film

Negative aspects:

1. The motivation of the father - where is the logic here? If Richard Croft's journey can be said to have become the engine for the plot, then I do not see logic in the motivation of his actions. In his video address to his daughter, he said that he decided to travel the world so as not to go crazy because of his wife's death. In the process, he got carried away with everything that concerns the supernatural in order to "be as close as possible to his wife", and so stumbled upon the legend of Himiko and got into the maelstrom of events. Personally, I consider all this a logical hole with two illogicalities in it at once.

Firstly: by such an act, he negates all his speeches about love for his daughter, since he left her at a young age when she lost her mother, and probably needed support. Will the parent do that? Isn't it better to recognize your wife in your daughter than to do it looking for evidence of the existence of the supernatural?

Secondly, his interest in Himico looks more ridiculous than plausible. His goal to find the tomb is due to senseless heroism: to get ahead of the evil organization in order to prevent them from taking over the world. Knowing that he might encounter an "evil organization", he tried to find the tomb on his own without any insurance. Knowing what he would face, he could hire mercenaries or some soldiers to confront the villains if necessary. I think his million-dollar fortune allows him to do this. Besides, everything could have played out in completely different colors if Croft had a more plausible motivation than sudden heroism. For example, according to legend, Himiko could not only kill people with just one touch of her hand, but also bring them back from the dead, and a heartbroken Richard must find a tomb to bring his wife back. It still sounds better than thoughtless and sudden heroism, don't you agree?

So Richard Croft's decision to find Himiko's tomb is an act demonstrating his indifference to his own daughter, and an act of senseless, but not deliberate heroism. And it would be possible to beat everything a little differently and significantly correct the situation.

2. Cliche - or "organization of evil". The Trinity organization, although it is one of the main elements of the plot, but it is also a cliche of pure water. Why is this organization looking for magical things? To conquer the world? This collection of villains was not revealed at all, and their actions caused the worst. It's just an initial cliche.

3. Movie clips - well, where are they not? In addition to significant shortcomings in this tape, there are also movie clips. For example, I wonder what kind of batteries Lara's father's video camera works on, if it hasn't run out after seven years since its last use. It also looks improbable that at first the main character on the way to the tomb slightly walked up the stairs through the cliff, and a little later she could already fight with the main villain on it. 1xBet India betting company pays huge attention to India residents and offers 10400 Indian rupees entering new 1xbet promo code india to claim your exclusive offer 130% bonus up to 26000 INR. On top of the increased maximum bonus, the exclusive code created for our readership will give you the chance to make the most of your winnings by matching your deposit by 130%. 1xbet India is one of the most popular online operators and you can register to unlock betting options like live cricket betting, football, casino, and much more.