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Mother's mistakes in raising her son

Parents wish their child all the best. In matters of educating the son, a mother often participates than a father. So what does the situation lead to when the upbringing of her son takes into her hands, and not the father? - The answer in the article. Obviously, the mother does not want evil to the child. But there are behaviors that spoil the life of the boy.
Mother's mistakes in raising her son:
- I am a mother and father in one person
Many women carefully keep the house under control. Of course, the mother wants the child to be happy and there is nothing bad about that. Another thing is when the mother does almost everything for the child: he removes in the house, drags a heavy load, repairing a car or household appliances. The boy quickly gets used to the fact that the woman will do everything for him, the result is infantility in adulthood: the child will hope for a woman, and he will completely forget about her abilities. In adulthood, the boy will wander in search of a strong and independent woman who will solve his problems.
How to proceed? - Weaken the control and let the boy independently solve his problems.
- Deprivation of the child responsibility
As mentioned earlier, many mothers carefully “puff” so that the child has all the best. If the boy will observe that he is not given instructions, for example, to sit with a younger blood relative, he will begin to believe that it should be so.
How to act? - You should start loading the boy with household chores, for example, beat the shelf, hang a clock, plant a garden, clean potatoes and so on.
- excessive control of hobbies and hobbies
In frequent cases, the boy is trying to give to a male sport, for example, on boxing, football, basketball and the like. With all this, his preferences are not specified. Perhaps the boy wants to occupy with fine art or cooking. If with all his might to remove the boy from his hobby, in the future he will not take place as a professional, since in childhood he was deprived of a matter that he liked.
- First of all, there is no need to get into the hobby of the boy. Instead, it is better to trust the child to do something male, for example, to get acquainted with the mechanisms of household and transport equipment or to plunge into the world of construction.
- a ban on the manifestation of emotions
Most mothers from childhood inspire the boy that he should not cry. If we prohibit the child to show emotions, he will forget what they are and how to show them.
- Let the boy show emotions. Let the boy demonstrate his feelings, otherwise he will become closed. It is also recommended to praise the child for his achievements and successes.
- increased degree of guardianship
Do not forget that the child is not the property of the parents, and he can independently choose a occupation. Many mothers deliberately forbid the boy to behave all uprightly. In their understanding, independent adolescents will no longer need parental care and will soon leave their native nest.