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I'd really like to mention that your customer service and help is really good - it's very quick and helpful and I'm glad I'm in reliable hands!
Morgan Bromage


Your Gallereo Website

1. Why are my images not showing?
In order for an artwork to show in the gallery, it must be assigned to a particular category. Set up you categories (your different galleries) on the Manage Art menu, then in the details for the particular artwork, go along to the categories tab and select your newly created category.

2. Why are my galleries not showing?
In order for your gallery to show, at least one artwork must be assigned to it.  

3. How do I take a screen shot to show you what is wrong with my website?
To take a screen shot on a Mac, you can press Command + Shift + 3.
To take a screen shot on a PC, you can press PrtScrn twice, or hold shift and press PrtScrn. Paste that into an image editing programme, or Word.
Email your screen shots to

4. What modules or pages can I have?
With your Gallereo website there are endless numbers of ways to set up the site and display your content. These are the modules and page types that come as standard that you have to work with:
1) Homepage
Depending on your design this will include your title, menu, social media linking icons, as well as a space for uploading any sort of image, advertisement or banner that you like, along with a section for text. 
2) Gallery Module
This module is where you will be able to display your artworks and photographs, presenting them in different series, under different names and where people will have the opportunity to purchase them if you choose to use the ecommerce function.
3) Artists / Photograhers Module
If you belong to an artist collective, or are selling works from a range of artists and photographers, you can use the artists module to present information about each artist, and the associated artworks or photographs for each of them.
4) Blog Module
With Gallereo, there's no need to set up a blog outside of your website, it can be fully combined. Click a couple of buttons and your very own blog is set up onsite and ready to use.
5) Contact Module
Instead of displaying an email address or phone number (which you can also do if you want to) we have a contact module which displays a contact form, letting people contact you with their enquiry directly from your website.
6) Freeform Pages
You can create an unlimited about of freeform pages on your website. In admin, these pages contain a WYSIWYG editor that lets you add text and images easily, in any configuration that you like. If you're familiar with HTML, there are even more possibilities for what you can do with these pages.

5. What else is cool about using Gallereo?
Well, apart from the standard modules mentioned above, we also have the following features:
  • Ability to switch the ecommerce functionality on / off
  • Link directly to your social media pages
  • Collate and send to your very own mailing list
  • View visitor reports and see what they've been looking at
  • Manage your orders and customers simply and effectively
  • Create product options for each artwork or photograph
  • Manage shipping costs, tax and sales currency easily
  • Set up your own domain
  • Switch templates in a second
  • Link your site to Google Analytics
  • Watermark your images
  • Upload your own favicon

6. How do I change my menus?
The menus on your website are fully customisable through the Menus and Pages module. You can add or deleted any module or page that you like here, as well as renaming them or moving the order that they appear in. You can call them whatever you want and have them in any order that you like. 

7. How am I notified about orders or people contacting me?
Your Gallereo website is set up to automate many processes, such as emailing you and your customer when an order is made, or emailing you to let you know the contact form has been filled in, as well as thanking your customers for interactions with your site.
In order to make sure you and your customers are getting the best out of this function, go to Email Templates on the Configuration menu, and tweak each email to make sure your correct email address is in there and that the email content is personalised for your customers.

8. Do I need a logo?
If you have a logo, great! You can use this by going to Contact Information on the Configuration menu, and uploading your logo to the sections at the bottom of the screen. If you don't have a logo, no problem - a website graphic is created for you when you sign up. 

9. Can I add video to my website?
Yes you can. If you are bringing video in from places like YouTube, simply copy and paste the HTML code into the source area on any WYSIWYG editor and that will embed the video for you.  

10. What if I get stuck with something on my website?
Don't worry if you do get stuck we have written guides to help you along and, coming very soon, we will have instruction videos to show you how to use each part of the admin. If you're really stuck, get in touch and we'll help you out! Take a look at our help and support page, to see if we have already answered any of your questions, if not, please contact us at

11. What if I think of something that I think would really improve Gallereo?
We are always looking for ways to make Gallereo better for everyone, so if you have an idea, please email it to Over time we are compiling a wishlist of things to add to the website and will work to get these items made into a reality as soon as we can!

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