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I think it's just such a fantastic website to get set up with, it's enabled me to present my work professionally thanks to all the excellent features available!
Morgan Bromage


Selling Art Online & Your Orders

1. Does Gallereo take a commission from my website?
No! All that you pay to Gallereo is the monthly hosting fee of $12.99. Everything that you make on your website is all for you. We don't have access to any of your orders or transactions, those are between you and your clients.

2. Can I sell my artwork or photographs on my site?
Yes you can. Gallereo comes fully equipped with ecommerce functionality which means that people can add your works to a shopping cart and purchase them. We have integrated Paypal and Google Checkout into the Gallereo system, so set up is as easy as typing in your Paypal email address or Google Checkout ID's. If you don't have either of these yet, you can easily sign up for them at and 
Alternatively if you just want people to be able to come along and look at your work without buying, this is fine too. In admin, simply turn off the ecommerce function. 

3. Do I also need to buy a shopping cart?
No. The Gallereo has a fully comprehensive, end-to-end ecommerce system in place so you don't need a separate shopping cart, or to integrate any additional payment functions. 

4. What payment gateways can I use to sell?
At the moment, we have Paypal, Google Checkout, Invoice and credit card processing integrated into the system for you. Depending on which payment gateways you would like to offer your customers, you will need different details to set these up. If you want to invoice your customers, you don't need to do anything, this can be automatically set up in the system. If you want to use Paypal or Google Checkout, all you need is your Paypal email address or Google Checkout IDs. 
If you want to process credit cards, there are a range of merchant gateways available, each with different requirements. Contact us if you need any advice on that, or if you know of another credit card processor that you would like us to integrate.

5. Do I have to use my website to sell my artwork or photographs?
No, if you just want to use the website as a portfolio to show off your work, that's fine. Simply turn the ecommerce functionality off in General Settings.

6. How do I manage my orders?
Your Gallereo website comes will a fully functional orders management module. Every time somebody makes an order on your website, the order is listed in full detail in this module, along with all of the details you need to fulfill that order. For each order we also provide a downloadable pdf invoice and packing slip so you don't have to worry about creating those yourself, and there is a button for letting your customers know as soon as their order has been processed or dispatched.

7. How do I manage my customers?
Every time somebody signs up to your mailing list, registers with your website, or makes an order, their details will be logged in your customers module. This is where information about each customer is stored, including whether they have in fact ordered or not. Use this  module to keep track of your customers and people who are using your website.

8. What does the '?' next to an order in admin mean?
In your orders module, we have built in a system of signaling whether a customer has successfully made payment or not. If there is a red cross, then payment has not been successful, or not attempted. If there is a blue tick, then payment has been successful and the order can be processed. If there is a green question mark, the outcome of the payment is unknown and needs a little more investigation. Check your which payment method the customer attempted to use - this information will be on their order page - and then see if there are any error notifications. If not, check the relevant account to see if a payment has been successful. If not this indicates that it might be a good idea to contact the buyer to see if they are having any problems.

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