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I'd really like to mention that your customer service and help is really good - it's very quick and helpful and I'm glad I'm in reliable hands!
Morgan Bromage


Search Engine Optimisation & Site Traffic

1. What is Search Engine Optimisation?
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the practice of optimising your website, for specific keywords, that encourage the search engines to list your website as high up the listings as possible. The ultimate aim of this game is to be listed on page 1 of any search engine for your chosen keywords without having paid for it. 
Optimisation is done through a combination of good keyword research to ensure that you are using the best keywords possible for your site (high as possible search volume, with low as possible competition levels), on-site optimisation and off-site optimisation (in-bound linking).

2. Can you do it for me?
In short, no. SEO is not particularly difficult in terms of what has to be done, but it is very time consuming. We highly recommend that you get your hands on Search Engine Optimization for Dummies which is a great book on the matter. It offers broken down explanations of what SEO is and how it is performed, as well as offering practical advice. 
The one way that we do help with SEO is that we have already built the Gallereo system to be search engine friendly. We have built in special tabs on all pages that let you easily manage your page titles, URL keywords, Alt Tags, and Meta Data. 

3. Can I use Google Analytics?
Yes you can. We have built a page on the Configuration menu on which you just need to paste the code that Google Analytics gives you. Job done.

4. How can I find out how many people are visiting my website?
Gallereo comes with inbuilt reporting. One of the reports that you can see lets you know how many visitors your site is getting per day. 

5. What other reports can I get?
As well as monitoring site visits, we also monitor what people are looking at so that you can work out what your most popular artworks, photographs or pages are. On your dashboard you are also able to see quick stats like number of orders, number of artworks in the database, number of items that have been added to a basket, as well as general page views, and specific product page views.

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