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I'd really like to mention that your customer service and help is really good - it's very quick and helpful and I'm glad I'm in reliable hands!
Morgan Bromage


Getting Started With Gallereo

1. What is Gallereo?
Gallereo is a sitebuilder, specifically designed for creating websites for artists and websites for photographers. The sitebuilder has been carefully crafted to be simple, and well designed in order to address the particular needs of people working in the art and design industries. 

2. How much technical knowledge do I need?
In short, none. If you know how to turn a computer on, click the buttons on a mouse and access the internet, you can manage a Gallereo site. It can be a little bit boring to get bogged down in the technicalities of running a website, so we've tried to make everything as straightforward and user friendly as possible so that you don't have to worry about it. 

3. How do I sign up?
Sign up is really easy. For a free trial, all you have to do is enter your name and email and pick a password. Then you can name your website and pick your url. Pick the template you want to start with and you're done. You get 30-days free to decide just how much you like Gallereo!

4. How do I build my gallery and how long does it take?
To build your site, all that you need to do is fill in your details on our sign up form. Choose a name for your site, choose a domain name and pick a template. That's pretty much it. Once you've chosen which design you want for your site, your gallery is built in a matter of seconds. 

5. Who is it suitable for?
Gallereo has been purpose built for artists and photographers that need a well designed site in order to show off their portfolio of work, let people know about exhibitions, sell their artworkd and to manage their contact with clients and fans.
Gallereo will work very well for anyone that has images that they want to display - if art collectors want somewhere online to showcase their collection or designers want somewhere so display their latest designs and creations, this could be the place. The system is incredibly flexible so you can change things around to suit your own needs.

6. I've picked a template, but what if I want to change?
Easy, right within your own admin you can select any other template on the Gallereo network. Under Template Management on the Configuration menu, you can preview the other templates and click to select. All of your content will be transfered instantly.

7. Why does my URL have at the end?
This is just the URL that we create your website under. We do recommend that you change this to a personalised domain name once you are ready. See here for instructions on how to do that.

8. Can I see examples of Gallereo websites that have already been created?
Sure! Check out some of our existing users here and also keep an eye on our blog where we often preview the best new websites that have been created.

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