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I'd really like to mention that your customer service and help is really good - it's very quick and helpful and I'm glad I'm in reliable hands!
Morgan Bromage


Common Issues

1. How do I log in?
There are two ways to log into your Gallereo website. You can go to and use the log in panel along the bottom of the screen, or simply add /admin to the end of your domain. For example
If you are using your own domain, remember that you log in there now, rather than with your address. So your log in page would be

2. I have forgotten my password, what should I do?
If you forget your password, you can request it to be sent to the email address you used to sign up, by clicking on Forgotten Password? on the log in screen.

3. Can I change my password?
Yes, you can change your password in your account once logged into your Gallereo site admin.

4. I have changed templates and the design looks a bit odd, why is that?
Sometimes your browser will cache files for your website, making it load quicker the next time you access it. If you change template, the design files for the previous template might be cached. Try resetting the cache in your browser, and refreshing your website.

5. My images won't upload.
The Gallereo system is set to accept images in jpeg, gif or png format. Check that your images are in the correct format. Images that are particularly large will also take a very long time to upload, so make sure your images are no bigger than 800 pixels wide.

6. My images are blurry.
When you upload your images to your site, the system resizes them to fit the template. To ensure that your images are not blurry, you should aim to upload the right size images for your template. View our image size recommendations for each template here.

7. Why is the watermark not working?
If you set up a watermark, in General Settings on the Configuration menu, you must re-upload your images for the watermark to appear. 

8. I would like to use my own domain name, is that possible?
Yes! In fact, we recommend that you do use your own domain. In order to set this up, you must be in possession of a valid domain name. In your website admin, go to the Configuration menu, the Domain Management. In here, place your domain name into the field provided, and follow the on screen instructions about changing your nameservers. If you get stuck, contact us!

9. All of my images are different sizes, is there a way I can tidy up my gallery?
Yes! We have set image management up in two ways. Firstly your images are just resized as they are to fit the template that you are using. However, if you have a few images that are portrait, and some that are landscape on the same page, this can sometimes look a little messy.
For that reason, we also built in thumbnail resizing as an additional option. In Image Management on the Configuration menu, you can set a standard size for all gallery and artist thumbnails. After that, if you upload an image it will be resized and then cropped to a standard size. This only affects images in the gallery view - detailed images will not be cropped.

10. Why are my images not showing?
In order for an artwork to show in the gallery, it must be assigned to a particular category. Set up you categories (your different galleries) on the Manage Art menu, then in the details for the particular artwork, go along to the categories tab and select your newly created category.

11. Why are my galleries not showing?
In order for your gallery to show, at least one artwork must be assigned to it.  

12. How do I take a screen shot to show you what is wrong with my website?
To take a screen shot on a Mac, you can press Command + Shift + 3.
To take a screen shot on a PC, you can press PrtScrn twice, or hold shift and press PrtScrn. Paste that into an image editing programme, or Word.
Email your screen shots to

13. How do I report any bugs that I find?
While we hope your experience will be bug free, we rely on our faithful users to let us know if they find any problems so that we can fix them promptly. Please email any issues to 

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